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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Sharon Fernandes


In swine flu’s shadow,companies see the light
Wed, Jul 01, 2009

With the swine flu epidemic showing no signs of slowing down,a few companies are raking in the moolah in....

Step sisters
Sun, Jun 14, 2009

Two Maharashtrian men on why lavni is more than whistles and jeers

Price tag on imported liquor set to rise
Wed, Jun 10, 2009

The next time you are out for a drink,ordering a Jack Daniel’s,Chivas Regal or a Johnnie Walker Black might just set you back by more than you bargained for.

Jija-saali,auto-desire: Ad agencies say it’s worth taking the risque
Sun, Jun 07, 2009

The light is out. In the greenish-grey haze is a young woman,stumbling in the dark. A strapping man appears and she swoons....

Stand up,SAY IT
Sun, May 31, 2009

A bunch of stand-up comedians of Indian origin are making America laugh out loud

Time for shut eye
Sun, May 31, 2009

Don’t ignore that yawn. Sleep deprivation could affect you more than you know

Tea time
Sun, May 17, 2009

Here’s why your favourite beverage always hits the spot

Sun, May 10, 2009

The photos are taken by ultra high-speed digital cameras that shoot up to 650 times faster and display these events much slower.

Mark my words,they are changing
Tue, Apr 07, 2009

The word is out. It is new and different. The recession has churned out glum faces,sober weekends and empty wallets.....

Sarkari banks get an image makeover
Sun, Mar 15, 2009

PSU banks have stepped up their ad campaigns and revamped their logos in a bid to shed their worn-out image

Sign City
Sun, Mar 08, 2009

A new book on Mumbai’s signage tells the story of a city through its fonts

Sun, Mar 01, 2009

How a Bangalore techie translated a Hindi bestseller n Sharon Fernandes

Loud,lewd and nasty
Sun, Feb 15, 2009

The Black Lips,an indie rock band that played in Chennai late last month,was allegedly chased out of the country by the local police.

Buy your new pair of sunglasses with care
Sun, Feb 01, 2009

Check the lens of the sunglasses for its quality and make sure it is zero-powered.

Living with diabetes
Sun, Feb 01, 2009

Diabetes,a syndrome of disordered metabolism,is something that most of us are aware of,thanks to its widespread hold on the urban population.

Butterfly stroke
Sun, Feb 01, 2009

A kitten pulling faces,an elephant chilling under a tree or a fat cow in a bathtub. How does that sound for art? “We gifted our nephew a canvas painting.

Good causes,great gimmicks
Mon, Jan 26, 2009

Democracy and women’s empowerment are just some of the themes that companies are using to sell everything from cellphones to washing powder

Will America buy this inspirational story too?
Thu, Jan 22, 2009

With Oscar nominations being announced later today,just two days after President Barack Obama’s entry into the White House...

Slumdog’s chances
Thu, Jan 22, 2009

It isn’t the first time that the world needs hope,and it isn’t the first time that the movies have responded to difficult times. The Great Depression was in the same year that gave birth to the Oscars

Comic Presidents
Tue, Jan 20, 2009

On Inauguration Day,one of Spider-Man’s old enemies tries to wreck the swearing-in-ceremony of the 44th President of the United States and Spider-Man swings into the scene....