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PaperBackers: Top of the class

The book stretches credulity, for instance, by placing the improbably named school in the central reserve forest behind Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Head start: Anurag Tripathi gets the ingredients of a desi potboiler just right

The writing is wry without being smug, the characters and their badinage engaging without getting stilted and as for the plot, well, let’s leave it at Tripathi gets the ingredients of a desi potboiler just right!

From the Dining Table

Mother India makes her way to Connaught Place, complete with nostalgia and regional Indian cuisines.

Food Review: Make Some Noise at Cafe Yell

The new Cafe Yell gives an added punch to Continental treats.

His Master’s Choice

In the city to showcase his family’s culinary legacy, Mohammad Usman of Tunday Kababi on the memories of his grandfather and why he will never expand the brand

Music this week: Back with a Vengeance

An eerie organ tone, straight out of an episode of Tales from the Crypt, ushers you to The Stage, the album and and the song.

PaperBackers: Hunger Games

In such a combat, all Jack has is his courage, wit and special forces training to take out the competition, avoid literal pitfalls in labyrinthine mazes, and unravel the mysteries of the four legendary kingdoms.

PaperBackers: Back to the past

Five years later, she’s in New York when she hears something that shatters her world — Fadi, now a battle hardened ISIS fighter has been killed in Syria by a US drone-strike.

Sealing restaurants in Delhi’s CP: There’s food for thought here on how to improve eating out

The National Restaurant Association of India has reached some accords with various authorities in some matters but February’s closure shows that there’s quite a distance to go still.

Cheaper than a flight to Goa, Lady Baga takes her patrons on a delicious trail across the beach state

Despite the market’s restrictions on maintaining a facade in congress with its pristine whiteness, AD Singh’s new venture beguiles you from afar, its psychedelic signage in Mystery Machine-esque font undulating across its frontage.

Pa Pa Ya Restaurant: Asia in Wonderland

The restaurant promises a wild re-imagining of pan-Asian food and we leave ourselves at the tender mercies of a tasting menu.

Back to the Future

Ansal Plaza, Delhi’s forgotten first mall, holds the promise of returning to public memory with a fleet of new restaurants and world-renowned retailers

Catering to the Masses

The service charge advisory for restaurants may just deny employees payment parity and their source for supplementary income.

On The Menu: Controversies, tragedy and demonetisation

A fine-dining restaurant in Kolkata came under heavy fire for not allowing the driver of a patron to dine on its premises.

Year-Ender 2016: Bars and restaurants had plenty to cheer about

By some strange alchemy (and a lot of venture capital funding), popular restaurants this year sprouted in many avatars in different cities.

Music review: Return of the Freaks

Few bands have more loyal followings than Korn, and few bands have tested the strength of that loyalty more than Korn.

Spread the Cheer: Chefs dish out fun recipes to help light up your Christmas table

As Christmas draws closer, we take a sleigh ride around leading kitchens in the country and ask chefs to dish out fun recipes to help light up your holiday table.

House to Home: The food at Thai House by Kylin is a must-try

At Thai House by Kylin, it’s time to forget everything you know as Thai food and start afresh.

‘What, Me Worry?’

Celebrated illustrator Tom Richmond on growing up on a steady diet of comic books and working with his heroes, The Usual Gang of Idiots.

Big Eating in Little Saigon

Vietnamese chef Hana Ho on her new restaurant in New Delhi.