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Replicas movie review: An ambitious misfire

Replicas movie review: Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff squanders most of his time filming some futuristic science that has Keanu Reeves moving his hands about a lot as a virtual map of presumably a brain pops up when he wears a headgear.

Glass movie review: A convoluted superhero film

Glass movie review: Glass seeks to bring Unbreakable and Split together, in a not-too-convincing whole, with James McAvoy's Kevin now presented as a superhero of another kind.

Second Act movie review: A wasted effort

Second Act review: There is a surprising, if improbable, twist here that could have added a zing to this predictable tale. Instead, in the equanimous world of Second Act, this is spectacularly wasted.

The Mule movie review: Clint Eastwood is not the 90-year-old man the film promised

The Mule movie review: Clint Eastwood comes into the role all his 88 years showing, in his balding hair, his stooped back, his creaking bones, his tiny steps, and his very-very-lined face.

Bumblebee movie review: This origin film might bring you back for a repeat

Bumblebee movie review: The film's centrepiece, an Autobot called Chris, makes you feel for every pummelling he takes from the Decepticons chasing him across planets. 

Just asking: Wasn’t God about love, mercy, treating everyone the same?

As age raises multiple walls between God and me, of disillusionment, the receding promise of a better tomorrow, lost innocence, scepticism, I have struggled to hold on to God

Roma movie review: An uneven tribute

Roma movie review: Alfonso Cuaron clearly means Roma as a tribute to the help who raised him in childhood. However, the film ultimately is Cleo as seen through his eyes.

Ben is Back movie review: Watch it for Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts

Ben is Back movie review: Lucas Hedges, who was so, so good in the recent Boy Erased, plays a similar character here, if in different circumstances. As the son who repeatedly disappoints and knows it, he is very good.

Aquaman movie review: The Jason Momoa film is a washout

Aquaman movie review: Director James Wan seems in an incredible rush, not lingering over any important characters or vital plot points but diving head first into yet another undersea clash.

Mortal Engines movie review: An exhausting watch

Mortal Engines movie review: After a while, the scenes are a blur, of metal, machines, and loud music. It's obvious director Rivers had to pack in a lot to see this series started, but by the time he ends, the prospect of some more of this to follow seems daunting.

Creed II movie review: Michael B Jordan is compelling as Adonis

Creed 2 movie review: With the underlying fathers-and sons theme of this particular Rocky spin-off established, the plot charts a familiar trajectory, from self-doubt to triumph, in and outside the ring, as most boxing films.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie review: Just another action flick

The Girl in the Spider's Web movie review: The film should do good for Claire Foy’s career, with the British actor making as clean a break as one can imagine from her stiff-upper-lip role in the TV series The Crown.

Green Book movie review: Viggo Mortensen turns in a career-defining performance

Green Book movie review: Viggo Mortensen, even in his more one-dimensional role, never ceases to astonish.

A Private War movie review: Rosamund Pike delivers a powerhouse performance

A Private War movie review: Rosamund Pike's powerhouse performance is undermined to a large degree, ironically, by how the story of Marie Colvin’s life plays out on screen.

Boy Erased movie review: Watch it for Lucas Hedges and Nicole Kidman

Boy Erased movie review: Lucas Hedges is a brilliant actor, and his transition from a boy who adores his parents to one who begins to question their ways, is heart-breaking.

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald movie review: David Yates and JK Rowling deliver yet again

Where Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald scores, and full marks to both JK Rowling and recurring Harry Potter director David Yates here, is in putting their imaginations on screen.

Bohemian Rhapsody movie review: This is Queen anaesthetised for PG-13 rating

Bohemian Rhapsody movie review: Rami Malek puts in an astonishing bit of work getting Freddie right (especially with those teeth), and makes light work of it, his eyes reflecting the hunger the film never sweats to show.

The Grinch movie review: Cameron Seely steals the show

The Grinch movie review: The film is at its most entertaining when the night that Grinch strikes eventually draws near.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms movie review: Just another princess story

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms review: Despite several known names holding up the rear end, including Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren, the acting is choppy.

Hunter Killer movie review: The Gerard Butler film is a snoozefest

Hunter Killer movie review: What is more entertaining is how far Gerard Butler and the others take their macho American act, tinged with Butler occasionally trying something different and staring long and intently.