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Pet Sematary movie review: This Stephen King adaptation leaves you with a lingering sense of dread

Pet Sematary movie review: Horror aficionados Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer are helped by a solid cast, who help establish the Creeds as a family who love each other and, importantly, whom we come to care for.

Hellboy movie review: A deafening mish-mash of partly likeable characters

Hellboy movie review: David Harbour of Stranger Things does a fine enough job as the brick-red man who emerged from the depths of hell with sawed horns on the forehead, a tail and a metallic hammer-like appendage for an arm.

Shazam movie review: A whole lot of fun

Shazam movie review: Shazam! is more intent on having fun, and mostly achieving it too. It falls short though in the action department.

Fighting with My Family movie review: This Lena Headey film delivers a punch

Fighting With My Family movie review: Based on a true story about a British 18-year-old who remains the youngest WWE diva champion ever, Fighting With My Family puts its actors in a familiar arena and still manages to deliver a punch.

Dumbo movie review: A plodding bore

Dumbo movie review: Michael Keaton, playing to his strengths, still shines once in a while, but Colin Farrell, as the only parent to two young children, is surprisingly and completely out of sorts.

Us movie review: The Jordan Peele directorial is terrifying but muddled

If Get Out portrayed the deep fears of the two delicately poised races, Us goes deeper into the inner-most fears of us all. Us vs them. Us vs us. US vs the world. And the wall vs us.

How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World movie review: The human-dragon tale seems stretched and contrived

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World movie review: The story of Hiccup and his Night Fury called Toothless seems stretched and contrived, full of noisy battles, and stuffed with just too many fire-breathing giants.

Wonder Park movie review: A colourful mess

Wonder Park movie review: The film stretches a point to its limit, even as it stretches our patience with all it packs in to ensure bang and laughs -- falling short on both, even as many minor characters indulge in incomprehensible banter.

Captain Marvel movie review: An engaging origin story

Captain Marvel review: Writer-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck keep the action moving fast and do not linger over any episodes. It's also an origin story with a difference, as we meet Brie Larson first as Vers, a member of the Kree Civilisation's 'Starforce'.

Memories stirred by Pulwama: Where childhood ends and fear begins

I have struggled to hold on to its memory, as to the memory of the Jammu of my childhood, a Jammu untainted, for me, by hatred.

The Wife movie review: Glenn Close is phenomenal in the Björn Runge directorial

The Wife movie review: In Glenn Close's hands, one gets a sense of the extent of Joan's love, sacrifice, dedication, duty and pain, which the film can't even begin to fathom.

The Lego Movie 2 The Second Part movie review: The franchise is finally running out of steam

While the idea is stretched and the film sags to the point of boring, what also drags it down is the constant attempt to establish that what we have on screen are essentially toys, and the drama playing out in their lives is essentially a factor of those playing with them.

Alita Battle Angel movie review: A muddled affair

Alita: Battle Angel movie review: Robert Rodriguez's film can't really decide what it should be, how much it should be, and the length it should go towards revealing the sequels to follow.

The Old Man & the Gun movie review: An ode to Robert Redford

The Old Man & the Gun movie review: From the first frame to the last, the film is an ode to that gentle old man of Hollywood who has never believed in histrionics.

Mary Queen of Scots movie review: Bow down to Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie

Mary Queen of Scots movie review: It is hard to believe Saoirse Ronan is the same girl from Ladybird of a year ago, such is the conviction she brings to the role of a woman who believes it her divine right to rule.

Explained: Why Netflix’s Oscar breakthrough is a big deal, and a sign of our times

On Tuesday night, Netflix walked away with the biggest Oscar nomination there is, of Best Picture, for Roma

Replicas movie review: An ambitious misfire

Replicas movie review: Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff squanders most of his time filming some futuristic science that has Keanu Reeves moving his hands about a lot as a virtual map of presumably a brain pops up when he wears a headgear.

Glass movie review: A convoluted superhero film

Glass movie review: Glass seeks to bring Unbreakable and Split together, in a not-too-convincing whole, with James McAvoy's Kevin now presented as a superhero of another kind.

Second Act movie review: A wasted effort

Second Act review: There is a surprising, if improbable, twist here that could have added a zing to this predictable tale. Instead, in the equanimous world of Second Act, this is spectacularly wasted.

The Mule movie review: Clint Eastwood is not the 90-year-old man the film promised

The Mule movie review: Clint Eastwood comes into the role all his 88 years showing, in his balding hair, his stooped back, his creaking bones, his tiny steps, and his very-very-lined face.