Shailaja Chandra

The writer is a former secretary to the government of India and former chief secretary, Delhi

Articles By Shailaja Chandra

Marking the boundaries

Delhi LG and bureaucracy can continue to influence a host of policy matters in Delhi.

One man’s meat…

Antibiotics in poultry harm non-meat eaters as well. India should follow the example of EU, US and China in regulating the industry.

Letting Delhi down

Chaos and bedlam at the top is shaking the load-bearing pillars — political executive and bureaucracy

Heed the patient

National Medical Commission Bill must address the needs of the consumer rather than the interests of medical practitioners and quacks.

A half cure

New National Health Policy checks some boxes but sidesteps basic concerns. It leaves too much to the states on maintaining standards

Bitter Medicine

Consumer must be protected from misleadingly advertised ayurvedic diabetes drugs

Three states hold the key

India’s population stabilisation programmes require the dedicated attention of the CMs of Bihar, UP and Rajasthan.