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Ayodhya: Mosque side turns down mediation feeler

The side representing the temple did not agree to discuss the plan and did not make an offer of its own either, which led to the mediation process being deemed “failed”.

Justice Tahilramani transfer: For Collegium, ‘her short working hours’ was key reason

On September 6, Justice Tahilramani had resigned from her post when her request to the Collegium to get the transfer order changed was not considered favourably.

Justice Patnaik panel submits report on ‘fixing of benches’ to SC in sealed cover

The one-judge panel was constituted as part of the process which came into play after charges of sexual allegations were made against Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi by a junior employee in his office.

Mediators seek SC direction on Ayodhya talks alongside hearing

After the CJI announced that mediation has “failed”, final hearing on the 14 appeals in the matter is being heard since August 6. Those in favour of a temple on the site concluded their arguments in 16 days while those arguing for a mosque have argued for eight days so far.

Reviewing emeritus status a bid to show regime’s muscle: Romila Thapar

Romila Thapar speaks about the row over JNU asking for her CV to review her Professor Emeritus status, laments the state of the university, talks of a “creeping fear” among people in asserting their rights, and says history is more complex than just a past narrative.

The Urdu Press: NRC woes

Siasat’s editorial on September 1, ‘The defects in Assam’s NRC’, also elaborates on the trouble and harassment faced by people as a result of documentation processes. It asks governments to ensure that real citizens do not suffer.

The darkest hour: ADM Jabalpur was a test for SC. Only the dissenter passed it

As legal scholar Gautam Bhatia put it in Transformative Constitution, Justice Khanna’s dissent would constitute a “contrapuntal” or something that appears as a counterpoint, often solitary, against the tide at the time, but something that conceals the kernel of the future and the way ahead, which lives on to speak forcefully, another day.

When four of India’s greatest painters were sent to cover the India-Pakistan War of 1965

A successful drive in Delhi, attended by the then Vice President Zakir Husain, drew the Army’s attention to the interest the painters were taking, and Khanna’s phone rang.

Charges of plot against CJI Ranjan Gogoi, bench fixing: Probe seeks specifics

The one-judge committee was formed in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment made by a member of staff of the Supreme Court against the Chief Justice.

1947-2019: A Bollywood playlist

Ankur Bhardwaj, Seema Chishti and Sushant Singh, authors of Note by Note: The India Story: 1947-2017, pick a song for each decade of free India.

Sheikh Abdullah, Ayyangar, Sardar Patel: How Article 370 was negotiated, debated

In November 1963, in a debate in Parliament, when Hari Vishnu Kamath argued that Kashmir was “not fully” integrated, Nehru asserted that it was, indeed, “fully integrated” with India.

Ayodhya mediation: Four proposals saw some light till talks failed

With the mediation committee telling the Supreme Court it had failed, Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said day-to-day hearings would start on the matter from August 6.

History writing is fixated on the trope of archival discovery: Author and historian Faisal Devji

Faisal Devji on Muslim depoliticisation, Hindu nationalism and historians mimicking detectives.

A natural spokesperson with ‘humungous’ erudition, Jaipal Reddy knew essence of politics lay in talking, debating

Reddy’s ability to get people talking and debating — recognising that these are the essence of politics — made him a natural spokesperson of the cause he represented.

Sheila Dikshit: Infrastructure with inclusion

That’s the image Sheila Dikshit built nationally for Delhi.

Things we are handed down

The graduating robe and cap is not a mere relic of the colonial era; it came from closer home.

From Achhut Kanya in 1936 to Article 15, how Indian cinema has dealt with caste

From Achhut Kanya in 1936 to Article 15 in 2019, how Hindi cinema has looked at caste.

Light of the Firefly

Kaifi Azmi’s writings on love and rebellion continue to bedazzle.

‘Conspiracy to frame CJI’: Will ask for more material from CBI, IB, police, says Justice Patnaik

He said his report will be finalised only after the court vacation and after he has “examined witnesses and received other material on the matter”.

In final lap, BJP and gathbandhan woo smaller castes in eastern UP

The BJP’s reconfiguration of the old caste mosaic, drawing smaller groups with the promise of samman and fitting them into its Hindutva-driven base, had been central to the decimation of the SP, BSP and Congress in the Assembly elections, with all the three parties tumbling to their lowest ever numbers.