Satyam Viswanathan

The writer is a consumer researcher and part of the founding team at Junoon Theatre.

Articles By Satyam Viswanathan

Hope & despair of ‘Gully Boy’

The film frames the wretched reality of urban poverty and the dream of a better life

Importance Of Naomi Osaka

She is part of a new generation of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural sports icons

All Our Inner Battles

Simona Halep, Anthony Bourdain exemplify the complexity of ‘mental strength’

Why we love to love Federer

Federer and Nadal appear to have cracked the code for the modern-day human ideal because they have found a rare equilibrium — between sophistication and savagery, self-love and empathy, ruthlessness and generosity.

A Crisis Of Male Identity

Communal and gender violence in India points to the same backlash.

Love, Unapologetically

Our cultural software for romance is the problem. Valentine’s Day is a solution.

The People’s Champion

In striving to fail better, Stan Wawrinka inspires us all.

Interdependence Day

Nationalism and consumerism are blinding India and Pakistan to the benefits of a collaborative relationship

A mirage called vikas

‘Masaan’ and ‘Sairat’ talk about a feudalism and misogyny that won’t wither away.

Redefining education

Make it creative, encourage risk-taking and expand the idea of success

We Are All Complicit

A culture of lawlessness, corruption and prejudice is being perpetuated.

Enabled by consumerism

Attempts to impose an illiberal social agenda on a young and consumerist society will fail.

Our Multiplex Patriotism

We have been brainwashed into always-on devotion to flags and anthems.

Soul and the city

Prithvi Theatre and Café Samovar — which closes down this week — are the last bastions of the city’s warm, secular spirit

Man with the arched eyebrow

Jon Stewart, speaker of truth to power, is an artist of his time.

Stories worth sharing

Products matter less than the narratives that surround them.