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Simplifying GST: The 6 big positives of GST implementation that makes the pain worthwhile

There is no doubt that the implementation of GST has had more than its fair share of problems. However, it is neither disastrous nor bringing the economy to a grinding halt as many people would want us to believe.

Simplifying GST : With massive tax refunds pending clearance, will the tax inspector have a field day?

As the time to match returns and give tax refunds arrive and the cash crunch bites the industry and some inspectors get ready for a post Deepavali bonanza

As Bitcoin hard forks yet again, price surge ends; competitors inch forward

The relentless charge of Bitcoin halted as the price of the cryptocurrency dipped during this week. Meanwhile other cryptocurrencies gained ground.

Simplifying GST: 40 amendments in 3 months as ease of business disappears, tax officer arrives

Tax slabs have more than doubled and conditions have become much more difficult to both execute and enforce with each amendment.

High gain high risk investments: If cryptocurrencies are commodities, Bitcoin is like oil – Five ways how they are similar

If we want to understand the new age cryptocurrencies, we need to look at the commodity markets and how they function. Here are a few similarities that Bitcoin has with crude oil trading, that could have Prince Alwaleed and Jamie Dimon think again.

Simplifying GST: Public awareness of massive GST evasion must start before raids

GST evasion is rampant and nationwide. But even before proceeding against offenders the government needs to create awareness about tax cheats and tighten evidence against the offenders through digital tracking of accounts.

High risk high gain investments: Bitcoin volatility may strip you of profits because it is controlled by few

If the purpose of your investment is to earn profits and not dream of getting super rich it is time to sell Bitcoins. Move to other cryptocurrencies that are cheap, if you have earned more than 30% on your Bitcoin investment.

High risk high gain investments: As Bitcoins touch $5000 it is time to book your profits

As Bitcoin soars past $5000 it is high time to book profits, remembering its challenges and the fact that it is an extremely volatile currency designed for speculation.

Simplifying GST: The dishonest Indian still cheats with full GST, half GST and no GST Bills

Corruption and the reluctance to pay taxes forced the Government to dish out a rigid GST framework. Retailers especially the small and medium business men should be mindful of the fact the Government can provide compliance relaxation only if tax cheating ends.

Bitcoin crosses $5000 mark on rumors of Goldman Sachs offering

Despite risks, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity every day. More than half a dozen appreciated by 1000 per cent last year and on 13th October 2017 Bitcoin breached the $5000 mark for the first time.

High gain high risk investments – How to start investing in cryptocurrencies?

If you dream to really grow rich while maintaining your comfort level of working at a salaried job, you should be ready to put away some money for high-risk investments. Just try out new investments with the money and don't bother if you lose it all.

High risk, high gain investments: Welcome to the wonderland of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. They are risky but highly profitable as investments. Very few nations accept their legality. However, it is the fastest growing investment avenue in the world today.

GST council gives relief, but more needs to be done for ‘Make in India’ to happen

Changing the indirect tax system of the nation is not easy. Some crucial changes were made by the GST council last week. Here are some more changes that need to be done looking at the big picture.

Planning savings is an art of growing rich not just protecting your future

In this concluding part of the 14-part article on planning savings we briefly revisit the investment strategy proposed to get wealthy. Our next series on high-risk high gain investments shall start this midweek.

Three key issues that need to be sorted out before GSTR2 kicks in spoke to GSTN stakeholders across the spectrum and found that the timeline of implementation of GST and its earlier planned project estimates need re-evaluation

Why can’t you revise returns in GSTR if you can revise returns under the IT Act?

Ease of business must be the first priority of the government. GSTR3B filing issues need to be sorted out before ushering in the GSTR 2. Filing deadlines must be shifted if need be.

GST evasion raids: 12 provisions under the GSTR Act that could land you in jail

The raids for GST evasion have begun in certain states. Here are some of the provisions of the GSTN law that could land you behind bars. Is it the beginning of inspector raj in the digital age?

Planning savings: As you enter the age group of 45-52 you need solidity in investments

As you age your risk appetite decreases and the time to monitor your investments also is less. This is a good time to sell out stocks and buy equity mutual funds and pension funds

‘Digital Raj’ should not replace ‘Inspector Raj’ and audit trails must not lead to ‘Raid Raj’ if Make in India is to happen

In one of the early raids on GST evasion, a senior tax officer in Andhra Pradesh slapped a Rs. 20,000 fine on a business man for the omission of Rs. 15 as GST in a bill. Is the inspector raj returning in the digital era?

Simplifying GST: If Flipkart can manage big billion days why can’t GSTN portal

The Government says that 49.68 lakh returns in GSTR-3B were filed for July as against 87 lakh registered tax payers. That was the data for July the roll out month. That still leaves out 4 million tax payers or 40% of those registered.