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The realpolitik of change

Saudi reforms are a way to preserve its political order. But they are still welcome.

In Good Faith: Tales that need to be told

Ordinary Muslims learn compassion, equality and humility from stories they grow up with.

In shadow of war, a silent killer is claiming Yemen’s children

Aid organisations fear cholera will affect a million people by the year-end, most of them children

Why, 600 years after death, saint of Kashmiri syncretism lives on

Hamdani established a network of khanqahs (hospices), where people could eat and pray together — pathbreaking social change in a rigidly hierarchical society

25 years later, a genocide conviction comes back to haunt

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has found the Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide. This has resonance for contemporary Europe too

China’s rise has consequences for human rights beyond its borders

The kind of diversity seen in the US, despite Donald Trump, doesn't exist in China, where the run-up to Communist Party Congress offers a reminder of how the country works and why it would not care about human rights.

Assad weathers the storm in Syria to Iran’s advantage

Not many would have imagined Syrian leader Bashir al-Assad’s grip over power would be stronger six years after deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's execution.

Why it is premature to write Nawaz Sharif’s political obituary

In Pakistan, Sharif has survived political setbacks through his mastery and manipulation of pervasive kinship and patronage networks that define the country’s politics.

In defeat of IS, a significant compliment for Iraq national unity

The unity Iraqis forged in the face of the existential threat is a less discussed aspect of the defeat of the IS. Not many had anticipated what Iraq expert and The Guardian columnist Jonathan Steele described as “a national sense of urgency [among Iraqis] which overcame regional, ethnic and sectarian disputes”.

Recalling 1995 genocide: In indictment of Dutch forces, tale of a larger failure in Srebrenica

A Dutch UN peacekeeping contingent had fled in the face of a Serb attack on their base in Potocari, where the Bosnian Muslims had sought refuge.

42 Diaries From the Frontline

Afghan diplomat Masood Khalili on chronicling life in the time of war, a near-death experience and the future of Afghanistan.

The Wrong Antidote

To be a real cure for extremism, Sufism has to return to its essence of selfless service.

In Fact: There is a method to Nawaz Sharif’s minority outreach

Sharif’s visit to the centuries’ old complex associated with Shiva coincided with daily hearings in an offshore assets case against him that could lead to his disqualification and upend his government.

How Iraq came together in the fight against Islamic State

How Iraq came together in the fight against Islamic State.

In fact: Punjabis dominate the Pakistan Army — but only just

A Jat from Ghakhar Mandi in Pakistan’s Punjab, Bajwa is the third successive Punjabi since 2007 to lead Pakistan Army.