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Friday, May 20, 2022

Saba Rahman


Saba is a Deputy Associate Editor based in New Delhi. Follow her on Twitter @sabarahman8

‘Young people as vaccine buddies, fake news police can help India fight Covid-19’: UNICEF India Representative Dr Yasmin Haque
Mon, Jun 07, 2021

Unicef, with its partners, has launched a pan-India movement called 'Young Warrior Movement; that aims at engaging five million young people to help the country recover from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Covid-19 vaccination: ‘Scrap age bar for the disabled, include all categories of disabilities’
Tue, Mar 02, 2021

In a statement, the Disability Rights Alliance (DRA) has said though coverage of some disabilities in phase II vaccination is welcome from the inclusion point of view, "it is still not enough".

Glued to TV, ‘not anxious’, RJD chief Lalu Prasad waits for two verdicts: court, elections
Thu, Oct 29, 2020

Lalu has been serving consecutive jail terms since December 2017 since his conviction in cases of fodder scam dating back to his term as CM of undivided Bihar in 1990s.

BJP doesn’t like strong Muslim voices: Congress candidate Maskoor Usmani
Tue, Oct 20, 2020

Usmani has also written to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, calling out the “unwarranted” campaign against him and stating that the NDA government will be responsible if he is “attacked” during the course of election.

When lockdown Eid broke a long-held taboo in Muslim homes
Tue, May 26, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has beautifully dispelled the taboo, the myth, the common practice ⁠— that women do not and cannot pray with men.

Aarogya Setu remains inaccessible for disabled despite push from activists
Wed, May 27, 2020

The government launched the Aarogya Setu application more than six weeks ago. With the use of a phone‘s bluetooth and location data, it lets users know if they were near a person with Covid-19 after scanning a database of reported cases of infection.

‘Nikah halala distorted into a game of lust’: A new book looks at a marriage that isn’t
Wed, May 27, 2020

Author and journalist Ziya Us Salam's latest book, Nikah Halala, Sleeping with a Stranger, elaborates, with real examples, how the concept of nikah halala is being abused.

Offer prayers at home this Ramzan, like the Prophet would do: Maulana Wahiduddin
Sat, Apr 25, 2020

While tarawih prayers are considered optional — sunnah — they are strongly recommended during Ramadan because they become a source of deep reflection on the Quran and contemplating on its wisdom.

Why Shaheen Bagh matters: It offers protest template, rejects clergy, challenges patriarchy
Wed, Feb 19, 2020

Shaheen Bagh has become a source of untiring energy for a community, which had silently watched a spate of lynchings, harassment and systematic political exclusion over the past several years, and whose defence mechanism had despairingly become ways to invisibilise itself in public.

Mr Kejriwal, Delhi is done and dusted, shouldn’t you visit Shaheen Bagh now?
Fri, Feb 14, 2020

When Shaheen Bagh says kaghaz nahin dikhaenge, aren't you reminded of your spirited agitations against the Congress government, one of them in 2012, when you had launched a bijli-paani satyagraha in Delhi, exhorting people not to pay their bills?

On Gandhi’s death anniversary, Shaheen Bagh sings his bhajans and a Jamia student is shot at
Fri, Jan 31, 2020

The women of Shaheen Bagh, who are staging a protest on a Noida-Delhi road against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) for close to 45 days now, have been marking days of national importance there.

Money in my account, but still can’t pay: Winner of ‘best accessible website’
Wed, Jan 22, 2020

Nidhi Goyal, whose website Rising Flame won the national award for the 'Best Accessible Website 2019', talks about inaccessible technology and why it still isn't a priority.

Protest enters 32nd day: At Shaheen Bagh protest, roza, with Gandhi
Wed, Jan 22, 2020

“The importance of roza in Islam cannot be overemphasised. It is true for other religions as well. It is a protest, prayer, to reclaim our secular India,” said Nizam Pasha, a Supreme Court lawyer. Pasha is planning another "collective" roza, most likely on January 18, to mark the end of Mahatama Gandhi’s six-day fast — days later, he was killed.

Habib Jalib, his Dastoor — Why the people’s poet and his verse are inspiring India’s youth
Thu, Jan 02, 2020

It is ironic but it is mostly Pakistani poets – Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Jalib, and Allama Iqbal — whose language of resistance and dissent are inspiring the youth protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill across the country.

When a small dive turned into a giant leap for India’s disabled
Fri, Oct 04, 2019

Operation Blue Freedom, part of a recently formed adventure sports initiative called Special Forces Adventure (SFA), focuses on the disabled, both civilians and soldiers. SFA is participating in the Asian Dive Expo 2019 being held in Mumbai on October 4-7.

Manasi Joshi’s demand for GST waiver reopens debate on tax on disability aids
Fri, Sep 13, 2019

When the GST regime came into effect in July 2017, the tax on disability aids and devices were decided at a whopping 18 per cent. A public outcry forced the government to scale it down to 5 per cent but not drop it entirely.

AirAsia airline deboards visually and hearing impaired activist at Pune airport
Tue, Sep 03, 2019

The incident happened on August 30 evening when Zamir Dhale, 44, was on his way to Delhi from Pune to catch a flight to Geneva where he had to address a meeting of disability experts organised by the United Nations.

Ramzan has always been the time to look inwards, build bridges
Mon, Jun 03, 2019

Ramzan has always been the time to look inwards, build bridges

Peppa Pig’s Mandy Mouse, in wheelchair, welcomed by parents
Tue, Apr 23, 2019

“Mandy just wheels in and joins the gang. It has to be that simple in everyday life. I don't think it's necessary to sugarcoat everything for children.”

Chennai’s mental health institute scripts history, its 159 inmates vote for first time
Thu, Apr 18, 2019

Dr P Poorna Chandrika, the director at IMH, Chennai, said over the phone: “The residents who have voted are very happy. There is a festive atmosphere here today. It is a historic moment for us, we have all become part of history.”

Gauhati HC penalises private gym for discrimination against disabled activist
Sun, Apr 07, 2019

The court has directed a high-end gym and the Assam government to pay Rs 50,000 each to the NGO run by Arman Ali, who terms the verdict a wake-up call for the private sector

Your name missing from voters’ list? This app can help
Wed, Mar 27, 2019

Since the launch of Missing Voters app earlier this year, thousands of eligible voters have been added to the rolls, most of them aided by hundreds of volunteers who downloaded the app to lend their help to the project.

A Muslim can choose not to participate in Holi and still remain secular
Thu, Mar 14, 2019

It would have been more progressive had the boy playing a Muslim in a recent detergent brand commercial said he doesn’t want to play Holi, and the other children had happily let him be. It would have sent out a stronger message of inclusivity and harmony.

Leprosy hasn’t made a comeback in India, new cases due to proactive detection: WHO Goodwill Ambassador
Wed, Jan 30, 2019

'Early detection and early cure remain a challenge. It is with this that the eradication goal can be achieved,' says Yohei Sasakawa, who is the recipient of Gandhi Peace Prize 2018 for his role in tackling leprosy.

NEET 2019: Time running out, disabled medical aspirants remain in dark over eligibility criteria
Wed, Jan 23, 2019

NEET 2019: While the draft MCI guidelines state that hearing-impaired equal to or more than 40 per cent disability are not eligible, a Delhi High Court judgment has allowed a 70 per cent hearing impaired girl to pursue MBBS at a medical college in Delhi.