Rohan Parikh

Rohan Parikh, a businessman working in education and real estate, is an alumni of the Wharton School of Business and INSEAD. Outside of business his interests are in public policy and social enterprise

Articles By Rohan Parikh

Eight years after 26/11: Making sense of Hate

India was built on the success of her integration, its multiplicity and the resilience of its people. Mumbai is its shining symbol.

India is the final firewall

It is now our turn to be the great firewall against the madness sweeping humanity.

Why not a Kashmir ‘plebiscite?’

As we go through yet another cycle of hand wringing over Kashmir, perhaps it is time to put aside irrational pride and ask some very practical questions.

Revenge for Uri attack? We already have it

We must not let ourselves be baited into a fight that can only damage us, we must not allow ourselves to blindly hate an entire people.

The maternity leave bill could end up being counter-productive; here’s why

This law in its current avatar would mean that most businesses would be highly reluctant to hire young, recently married women in permanent positions.

Why it would be deeply unpatriotic and selfish to oppose GST

At a time when Europe is threatening to break up and the US seems deeply divided, the GST reform bill would deepen and strengthen the unity of our country.

End the Arvind Kejriwal show: An open letter to AAP supporters

Arvind Kejriwal - clad in muffler, with his bizarre antics and natakbaaz cough has taken over the reins and purged those with backbone or morality

Brexit: Open letter to the people of England from an Indian perspective

Post-colonial Britain has been a shining beacon of this Europe. Do not turn your back on this.

We need ‘Gandhi-mukt’ Congress, not ‘Congress-mukt’ Bharat

A genuine center-left national opposition party like the Congress is key to the health of our democracy

Counter view: Obama-Modi friendship a bright spot in these testing times

If this relationship does put the worlds greatest democracies on a path to closer and greater friendship, then it is one that is good not just for India and the US, but for the democratic world in general.

Why PM Modi and Obama’s visits to Saudi Arabia should have focussed on intolerance

Theirs is an ideology that will send people to blow themselves up to avenge an insult to Islam, but will not take in the millions of Muslim refugees from Syria into their own country

Why Kanhaiya Kumar’s statement that 69% of India voted against PM Modi is flawed and utterly wrong

Make no mistake, the NDA’s performance of 40% of the votes was a thumping win

In hatred for PM Modi, Opposition creating far-reaching damage to our political system

The only solution that I see here is for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to work harder to be a ‘uniter’ in the face of these divisive forces

Right, Left and just plain wrong

Is there a place in India for a genuine Center-Right party?

Failure of Right to Education Act: Is it time to privatise education?

The Right to Education Act is based on an excellent and very politically marketable idea – that every child should have an equal right to a good education.

A terror attack after a chat with Pakistan is as certain as death

Pakistan must get over its obsession with and fear of India