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‘Pained’ over linking of London assignment to CBI panel decision, Justice Sikri pulls out

Official sources told The Indian Express that Justice Sikri’s decision has taken the government by surprise since it had obtained his consent for the assignment in the first week of December last year, almost a month before the Chief Justice of India nominated him to the high-powered CBI selection panel.

Alok Verma case: Govt didn’t share Justice Patnaik’s report, says Mallikarjun Kharge

Mallikarjun Kharge said it was “wrong” on the government’s part not to have shared the report despite his asking for it.

Fired, ceremoniously: PM-led selection panel votes 2-1 to remove Alok Verma from CBI Director post

Two days ago, when it set aside the October 23, 2018 orders of the CVC and the government divesting Verma of his powers and functions pending inquiry, the Chief Justice of India-led bench had made it clear that the issue of his divestment was “still open”.

When black smoke billowed

A reporter recalls 1984 — an assassination and the massacre that followed.

What of other cases against Sajjan Kumar? In one, last hearing 8 years ago

Directed to surrender by December 31, Sajjan Kumar was found guilty in a case related to the killing of five Sikhs in Raj Nagar Part I in Palam Colony on November 1-2, 1984, and the burning down of a gurdwara in Raj Nagar Part II.

Kamal Nath interview: ‘Need to fix MP’s fiscal health, will raise GST for 2019’

"Huge budgets were used and the media was part of this lavish spending," said Kamal Nath.

#ImplantFiles: Law on medical devices has waited 12 years

NITI Aayog meeting notes it will bring in ‘more control, curb growth’

#ImplantFiles | Defective insulin pumps: Hospitals stepped in to alert

326 patients affected; Medtronic says 10,000 units withdrawn in India

#ImplantFiles: On US blacklist, in India they are in the grey zone

At least 57 medical devices, many used in critical care, were being sold in India when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clamped down on them for a range of faults over the last two years.

#ImplantFiles – Medical bazaar gone wrong: breast implant surgeries in Delhi flats

No one is checking the implants for safety; and, shame and stigma prevent patients from reporting the gruesome aftermath of what has gone wrong.

#ImplantFiles – Transgenders under the scalpel in top hospitals & shady clinics

Three transgenders say they procured their silicone implants from a stockist in New Delhi for Rs 25,000-30,000 and handed them to doctors for surgeries. Each now complains of the stitches getting ruptured or of having contracted fungal infection.

#ImplantFiles – Inside Delhi’s alleys, operation theatre, patient ward for breast implant surgery

No one is checking the implants for safety; regulators do not exist; technicians often double up as surgeons; shame and stigma prevent patients from reporting the gruesome aftermath of what has gone wrong, an investigation by The Indian Express has found.

#ImplantFiles – First official red flags: over 500 adverse events

Cardiac stents, ortho implants make 50 per cent of suspect devices in hospital complaints.

#ImplantFiles: Mirena IUD by Bayer is No. 2 on adverse event list

Of the 468 MDAE (medical device adverse event) reports for 2018, at least 26 have been filed for Bayer's Mirena coils.

#ImplantFiles: Abbott coronary stents in 50 per cent adverse event reports for 2018

An analysis by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission shows they have received 290 adverse reports — of 556 reports logged so far this year — for devices manufactured by Abbott.

#ImplantFiles – Big medical device bazaar: Faulty implants, basement surgeries, lives at risk

The Indian Express joined around 100 other reporters from 36 countries for an ICIJ meeting in Washington DC to plan the most exhaustive health investigation ever mounted.

Two years after demonetisation: Okaying note ban, RBI rejected govt claim on black money, fake notes

In its counter, the RBI Board noted that "while any incidence of counterfeiting is a concern, Rs 400 crore as a percentage of the total quantum of currency in circulation in the country is not very significant".

Until three years ago, Dassault paid Suhel Seth Rs 1.4 crore per annum

Suhel Seth told The Indian Express that his assignment with Dassault Aviation as head of Counselage India was for “brand building of the mother brand”.

A lower low

The CBI has a history of politicisation. But things have never been this bad

Before businessman turned complainant in Asthana FIR, CBI wanted to arrest him

In a statement to a Delhi magistrate on October 4, Sana alleged that Rs 5 crore had been demanded from him on behalf of Special Director Rakesh Asthana and Deputy SP Devender Kumar.