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Explained: What fertility rate data show

PM has flagged ‘challenges’ posed by India’s ‘population explosion’. While India is expected to soon overtake China as the world’s most populous country, the total fertility rate has been falling almost everywhere in India

PM Modi flags population boom: Fertility rate falling, 7 key states over India average

Seven states — UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Assam, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand — that account for about 45 per cent of the total population in the 2011 Census, recorded a higher TFR than the national average.

PM Modi’s Independence Day speech: Decisive against protracted issues, solicits people’s participation

Speaking to the country on Independence Day, PM Modi appeared to use the opportunity for a larger objective to wipe off the hangover of socialist outlook of the past when he told the nation that “unless wealth is created, we can not distribute wealth” and consequently the wealth creators should not always be suspect in public eyes.

Modi brings 2014, 2019 election themes to table: Focus on growth and opportunity

Referring to hope, aspiration and opportunity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the people of J&K that withdrawing the state’s special status was not about claiming territory but an instrument for their development and prosperity.

No chest-thumping please, long haul ahead: PM Modi’s message to party

The Prime Minister, according to this source, reminded his ministerial colleagues that being the ruling party, BJP leaders should be aware of the “repercussions” of such a decision and its effect on a section of people.

Sushma Swaraj passes away

Youngest Minister in 1977 to External Affairs in 2019, BJP’s fighter-in-chief blended grit and grace.

Stripping J&K of its special status: Ideological project began with Shyama Prasad Mookerjee

For the BJP, Article 370 has been a lightning rod. But political compulsions forced it to keep it on the backburner when it had to run coalition governments during 1998-2004.

India moving: In the times of NRC, a look at where the migrants fit in

Census 2011 counted 14.2 crore migrants in the decade preceding it, intra-district to inter-state. Women moved for marriage, men for work, economic reforms drove the change, and Surat emerged as No. 3 destination while Chennai fell far behind.

Articles of Faith

Beliefs are flexible according to political expediency. As Prime Minister in the late ’90s, Vajpayee had suspended the political belief of the 1970s. But beliefs have a survival instinct that sustains them in adversity.

The first Budget, 5 years apart: From please-all to the $5-trillion dream

In 2014, then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced over two dozen schemes, many with a token allocation of around Rs 100 crore. Five years on, the confidence of a second term with an enhanced majority was apparent in Sitharaman’s speech, in which she avoided new announcements with token budgetary allocations

Criticism from the field: Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman raises red flags over MPLADS

The MPLADS scheme was launched during the Narasimha Rao Government in 1993 ostensibly to provide funds for developmental works recommended by individual MPs.

On CMs’ table today: Plan to revamp permit-raj food laws

The proposal holds significance given that the EC Act arms the government with powers to impose stock limits and movement restrictions on agricultural commodities.

Each minister must have a 5-year plan: PM Modi to Cabinet

“Prime Minister’s vision, implementation and monitoring is very robust,” one of the sources said, suggesting that ministers have to be conscious about these parameters while drawing up five-year visions for their ministries.

Explained: BSP minus Samajwadi Party, between the lines

While calling off the alliance with SP, BSP chief Mayawati has blamed an erosion of SP’s Yadav votes. The fact, however, is that BSP did gain from the alliance in the Lok Sabha polls. What explains the announcement?

Gujarat to Centre: How Modi-Shah partnership will shape Govt, party

Amit Shah is the third person after Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari to bring his political experience of having served as BJP president into the government.

From 2014 to 2019, a tale of two Narendra Modi speeches: Regional aspirations, sabka vishwas are new keywords

If his speech of May 20, 2014 was high on the hope and promise represented by a Chief Minister who was about to become Prime Minister, PM Modi's Saturday’s speech underlined the sense of responsibility of the man who has run the country for a full term.

Lok Sabha Election results 2019: Vote surge from 17 to 22 crore scripts BJP’s historic victory

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019: Now there are only two castes — one poor, another who wants to eradicate poverty, says PM Narendra Modi in victory speech.

Lok Sabha election results: BJP’s heartland surge flattens identity politics in UP, Bihar

While the BJP increased its vote share from 42.63 per cent (2014) to 49.55 per cent, the combined BSP-SP-RLD vote share slipped from 42.98 per cent (2014) to 38.92 per cent.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Interview to Indian Express: ‘Khan Market gang hasn’t created my image, 45 years of tapasya has… you cannot dismantle it’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Interview to Indian Express: It’s the last day of campaign for the penultimate phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019. Before he leaves 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, on May 10, for his first rally of the day in Rohtak, Haryana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to RAVISH TIWARI and RAJ KAMAL JHA.

Rahul Gandhi interview: I’m very happy 2014 happened, it taught the Congress a hell of a lot

Rahul Gandhi interview: In the last laps of what he calls a brutal campaign, Congress president Rahul Gandhi, en route from Allahabad to Agra on May 3, speaks to The Indian Express