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Day 2 of strike called by Left-backed trade unions: 2 children hurt as protesters smash car in West Bengal

BJP state president Dilip Ghosh claimed that the strike had been a complete failure. However, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) state president Subhas Mukherjee said, “People have actively observed the strike. It was successful.”

Trinamool Congress MP Saumitra Khan joins BJP, party expels him, another MP

He is the first Lok Sabha MP to leave Trinamool Congress and join BJP. Earlier in November 2017, Mukul Roy, once number 2 in TMC, had joined the saffron party.

Hope to now pursue Afrazul’s case without fearing for our lives: Kin

On December 6, 2017, Afrazul Khan of Malda was hacked and then burnt alive by Shambhulal Regar in Rajasmand district of Rajasthan.

Down the road in Andamans

As the recent killing of an American tourist has shown, assimilation or forced integration has been a tricky process, with successive governments struggling to arrive at a coherent policy that balances development, tribal identity.

Andaman admin suspends expeditions to bring back US tourist’s body

The decision comes after a meeting with top police officers, anthropologists, forest officials on Monday. It is learnt that the Centre has recommended suspension of all such operations that may lead to disturbing the indigenous tribe in North Sentinel Island.

American tourist killed: Body retrieval team returns after spotting armed tribals on shoreline

Chau went to the North Sentinel Island to preach Christianity when he was reportedly killed by the tribes. Fishermen who took him there spotted his body on November 17.

US man killed in Andaman: Police team retreat after spotting armed tribals in second expedition

Andaman police is questioning the accused, trying to re-create the sequence of events and the route taken by Chau to North Sentinel Island.

Bigger catch, foreign tourists: Why Andaman fishermen still go near protected islands

With seven persons, including five fishermen who allegedly took Chau near the North Sentinel Island, being arrested, they are afraid of police action.

American tourist killed in Andaman: In Port Blair hotel, an empty room, his favourite

Police are yet to recover Chau’s body — the fishermen who allegedly took him to the island, in violation of law, claim that they spotted a body being buried on the shore by a group of Sentinelese on the morning of November 17.

Six days and counting: Key question here is how to get American tourist’s body

The recce teams, who are being helped by the Coast Guard, have not ventured too near the island, fearing fresh backlash from the Sentinelese tribe.

American killed on protected Andaman island, 7 held for taking him there

An enquiry revealed that Chau “allegedly got killed at North Sentinel Island during his misplaced adventure in the highly restricted area for trying to interact with the uncontacted people who have a history of vigorous rejection towards outsiders."

Land rights bill for enclaves: Dwellers happy, but sceptical of implementation at grassroots

On October 31, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited Cooch Behar and asked officials to arrange land deeds for dwellers of former enclaves. Following this, the Assembly passed the West Bengal Land Reforms (Amendment) Bill 2018 unopposed, paving the way for handing over deeds to landholders.

Kolkata: Tipu Sultan’s descendants to celebrate the ruler’s birthday

Last year, a controversy erupted after Karnataka government decided to observe Tipu Jayanti to mark his birthday, as right-wing organisations protested against the move and even called for a bandh.

Kolkata: NGO holds selfie-with-cow contest to raise awareness

The organisation, which works for protection of cows and promotion of its products, will organise an event in the city to award the winners after November 20.

CBI interim chief’s wife gave Rs 1.14 crore to firm, says Registrar of Companies

RoC records show that Rao’s wife, M Sandhya, borrowed Rs 25 lakh from AMPL in the financial year ending March 2011. They show that between financial years ending 2012 and 2014, Sandhya gave loans amounting to Rs 1.14 crore to AMPL in three tranches.

SFI plans push for LGBTQ rights across campuses

“There are so many instances in which members of the community were harassed. There are even instances where family members of students have hired criminals to act against couples,” said Apratim.

Hardaha, the only camp in West Bengal: Fearing crackdown, detention, Rohingya families start leaving

According to Gazi, the Rohingya panicked following a recent advisory by the Centre to the state governments to identify Rohingya and collect their biometrics. The recent developments in Assam, where seven Rohingya were sent back to Myanmar, has added to the fear, said Gazi.

Kolkata: Policeman ‘abuses, slaps’ LGBTQ activist

You are here for sex, he said after stopping me on dimly-lit path: Activist

After audio clips of ‘plot’ to target TMC, Mukul Roy says phone tapped

“My phone is being tapped by the Kolkata Police. I am aware that some audio clip is doing the rounds. My rights and privacy are being breached,” said Mukul Roy.

Kolkata: Transgender lawyer to break predominantly male tradition by painting Durga’s eyes

After graduating from Hazra Law College under Calcutta University in 2012, Megh joined Alipore court. However, she blamed “apathy from a section of people” for her decision to quit.