Ravi Shankar Prasad

The writer is Union minister for communications and IT.

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Valley’s new dawn: An era of development and inclusion beckons

Ravi Shankar Prasad writes: "There was a thinking in New Delhi that if a few families of J&K are handled well, then problems of the entire state will be taken care of. These few families perpetuated their power, indulged in rank corruption and whenever accountability was sought, they took shelter behind Article 370."

Triple Talaq Bill passage is a transformative point in India’s socio-political context

The India of 2019, under PM Modi, is set on a path of reform. The mantra of reform, perform and transform is not only for governance or economy, it extends even to the reforming of society without discrimination or without any reference to vote bank politics.

The next step in India’s digital revolution is digitising govt processes

Creating a digital interface between government and citizens has helped curb corruption, delays in service delivery. The next step involves digitising internal processes of government

Atalji’s way

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a leader without rancour, gentle but firm reformer, a great human being.

Before and after four years

Policy paralysis of the UPA years has been replaced with inclusive growth, successful programme implementation, stress on equity.

In the Constitution we trust

The institutions envisioned by the founding document of the republic have shaped India’s polity. These have made the common people aware of their rights and abide in the democratic process.


Digital technologies are being harnessed to empower people, create employment opportunities and bring about transparency.

A bill that is thrifty, goes by the book

Merger of tribunals in the Finance Bill will lead to uniformity in rules of service, prevent overlap and save taxpayers’ money

A tectonic shift

The people have rejected negative politics. BJP triumph in UP is the victory of hope and aspiration.

A tectonic shift

The Congress held sway over the state for many decades; the BJP too, for a few years, but for nearly two decades, the two regional parties, the SP and BSP, were dominant players.

Net Commitment

This government has promoted and democratised the Internet like no other in the past

When in trouble,talk secularism

The Congress will be unsuccessful in its strategy to change the subject from its governance failures