Ramesh Chand

The writer is member, NITI Aayog. Views are personal.

Articles By Ramesh Chand

The price is right

Centre’s criteria for MSP ensure remunerative prices for farmers with a decent margin. Arguments for MSP at 50 per cent over Cost C2 defy economic logic.

Food for reform

Price fluctuation and low and unremunerative prices for farm produce can be addressed through competitive markets, and much-needed reforms.

Budget to sustain recovery in agriculture growth

The Budget 2017-18 provides strong push to the initiatives started in last two years beside covering some of the much needed reforms in agricultural marketing.

Why doubling farmers’ income by 2022 is possible

There are several measures, such as crop diversification, that can help India achieve this goal

Farmer needs a new deal

Reform of agricultural markets and land lease laws must be a priority.

‘Budget a step in right direction’

The Finance Minister’s budget speech indicates the Centre’s seriousness to fix problems facing the farm sector and put it on a trajectory of sustainable, stable growth.