Pushparaj Deshpande

Pushparaj is an analyst with the Indian National Congress. He has earlier worked with Members of Parliament on legislation and policy matters.

Articles By Pushparaj Deshpande

Posture and policy

The Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP) and Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) are two policy instruments that are expressly designed at undoing the baneful hierarchies of the past, accelerate the empowerment of SC/STs and further the vision of an equitable society.

Dalit attack: Gujarat govt has been acting like a dominant community in a village

How do ordinary human beings going about their lives abruptly become extremely antagonistic towards their Dalit neighbours?

This is why the Congress is against BJP’s afforestation efforts

It’s evident that the CAMPA is neither about conservation nor vikaas. It is a direct consequence of BJP’s deep ideological aversion to Adivasis (as also Dalits and minorities).

The KG(aseous) balloon: The end of the Modi dream?

The issue is not just about Modi ji’s gaseous exaggerations. It is also about diversion of public funds and corruption.

Women’s Day: Why do we continue to make our homes cesspools of hierarchy, inequality?

For a country so fixated on growth and global leadership, it’s extremely counterproductive to suppress half our talent pool.

‘Oppression for the sake of the country is oppression of the country’

If the BJP were genuinely in love with the idea of India, as millions of Indians are, they would protect and uphold the constitutional idea of India, which defines who we are as a people.

Patiala House assault shows why there is no rule of law

If we sincerely claim to be a civilized and modern society, do we really think its justified for a mob to take the law into their hand to mete out what they believe is justice?

Is BJP’s patriotism so skin deep it gets offended by students engaging in dialogue?

The BJP on its part conveniently ignored that the JNU Students’ Union, as well as all student groups (except ABVP) criticised the divisive sloganeering in a civilised and peaceful manner.

NDA destroying MGNREGA: Has Modi forgotten ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’?

The NDA has made concerted efforts to dilute the MGNREGA, and evidence suggests this is solely because it was spearheaded by a Congress government.

What BJP forced Hyderabad University to do was govt sponsored social terrorism

For any educational institution to summarily suspend students for expressing their views (even if they were on Yakub Menon or Muzaffarnagar) is against the very concept of a free and open dialectic.

Intolerance debate: Each perspective must not just be endured, but also celebrated

Hostility to diversity has become worryingly mainstream, and ‘tolerance’ is at the centre of that problem.

Revisiting Jawaharlal Nehru’s India on his 126th birth anniversary

It would do the BJP well to gauge Jawaharlal Nehru on facts, rather than venal fabrications

PM Narendra Modi’s claims at Delhi Economics Conclave: Truth is dead

From inflation to social sector spending to reforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at the Delhi Economic Conclave has proved that Truth is dead.

Rising intolerance: What is at stake is the very soul of India

What most Indians who voted for the BJP don’t realise (or accept) is that they were duped by Prime Minister Modi.

PM Narendra Modi owes it to us to ‘hold aloft the torch of freedom’

In lamenting PM Modi’s dilemma (damned if he does and equally damned if he doesn’t), Chandan Mitra, in classic propagandist fashion, first provides us with a cleansed version of what happened to Mohammad and Danish Akhlaq in Uttar Pradesh. A rejoinder is necessary.