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Happy International Women’s Day 2019: Meet the home chefs who are paving their way out of the kitchen and into people’s hearts

This International Women's Day, we reached out to a few women chefs who are cooking up a storm in their home kitchens and bringing down the walls that threaten and confine them, one recipe at a time.

Fashion designer Gaurang Shah on identifying, reviving and sustaining handloom

In an interview to, fashion designer and textile revivalist Gaurang Shah takes us through his journey of pulling out fabrics and designs from the past, bringing it into the present and finding a way to sustain it in the future. 

From Pink Tea to Tandoori Chai: The Capital brews up interesting variations of the desi chai

There is something quite romantic about tea in winters. On International Tea Day, take a tour around the city with us and explore the interesting variations of our favourite beverage the Capital has to offer.

Taking a different turn: Many food places in the Capital are now employing differently-abled people

On World Disability Day, it is heartening to see many restaurants and food giants opening up employment opportunities for the differently-abled and acknowledging their contribution to the businesses.

Was holding test tube and sampling DNA when I realised I wanted to be chef: Amninder Sandhu

Chef Amninder Sandhu talks to about participating in Netflix's latest cooking show The Final Table, her love for traditional cooking methods, local ingredients and her journey from Jorhat to the global foodscape.

Refugee women from Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia are cooking up a storm in the Capital

In South Delhi's Khirki Extension, there is a pop- up kitchen by refugee women from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia where they are dishing out cuisines from their respective countries.

As West Bengal celebrates Rosogolla Day, we have the Portuguese to thank for it

Without Portuguese influence in the region of Bengal, the soft, pearly white ball of sweet doused in sugar syrup may have not come into existence after all.

Marriage goals for Karva Chauth 2.0: Why fast alone when you can feast together?

Karva Chauth 2018: A non-practitioner tries to explain how there are better ways to prove your love for your husband, than by starving yourself.

The two Ps of the Pujas – prayer and pollution

While spending five days offering prayers to idols of Goddess Durga and hopping pandals is a popular practice during Durga Puja every year, dumping the idols in rivers is also an annual event. Isn't it high time we stop choking our rivers in the name of faith?

Bengal’s floor art Alpona: Food for the ants and an antiseptic

Durga Puja 2018: Bengal’s traditional floor art, alpona, is more than just a pretty art form.

World Egg Day: What the eeda? Understanding the Parsi love for eggs

From tomato per eeda to fried kera per eeda, we try to analyse the unending love affair which Parsis have with eggs.

Just what the doctor ordered: Are eggs all they are cracked out to be?

Touted as “nature’s large vitamin pill” by nutritionists and health experts, eggs provide many essential vitamins, anti-oxidants, micro-nutrients, and minerals required for a balanced diet.

A Guwahati Durga Puja pandal will have an ‘Abhi-Neel’ waterfall in memory of two lynched men

Social issues are gradually emerging as a central theme in many popular pujas pandals. Keeping in tune with this, a puja pandal in Guwahati will address the myth of Xupadhoras and the issue of man-animal conflicts.

Thanks to Delhi Street Art, the walls of New Delhi Railway station will now sport funky graffiti

The walls that looked worn out, are now adorned in bright colours with graffiti designs created by Yogesh Saini, founder of Delhi Street Art and his team members. 

Was Mahatma Gandhi India’s first nutritionist and diet guru? 

Tip for brahmacharis. Raw food. Vegan-ism. Gandhi’s experiments with food are worth taking a look at.

PSA message for vegetarians: A pulao is a pulao is a pulao – not a biryani

A biryani lover writes on why it’s time we wrapped our heads and taste-buds around the fine difference between a biryani and a pulao. 

Garbage to Gold: Delhi Gurudwaras switch to biogas to prepare langar food

Delhi Gurudwaras that feed around 30,000 people daily decide to switch to biogas - a move that will help them manage kitchen waste, will be environment-friendly and will bring down the cost of preparing langar food.

Sea turtles can live for more than 80 years, but just one piece of plastic can kill them

As per studies rolled out by the Australian scientific institution recently, it was found that a tiny piece of plastic increases the risk of death of a sea turtle by 22 per cent.

‘Macaron queen’ Pooja Dhingra on finding her calling and one thing aspiring bakers must have

Celebrity chef and Macaron Queen of India Pooja Dhingra on her love for chocolates and macarons, what she does to hold on to baking even if it gets really tough at times and the first macaron she ever tasted.

Teacher, MNC executive, retired police officer – a motley crew dedicated to educating children

Time to recognize the rare breed of people who dedicate their lives to educating economically backward children.