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Shah Jahan Regency movie review: Pretentious, vague and pointless

Srijit Mukherji directorial Shah Jahan Regency, starring Abir Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee, Anjan Dutt, Rituparna Sengupta, Swastika Mukherjee, stands for everything that is wrong with Tollywood.

Sen’s City: The Calcutta of Mrinal Sen’s films was a place of connections and conflict

In most Sen films, a mere glance is enough to reveal important things about this crowd, the language they speak, their social position and how long they have lived in the city.

Mrinal Sen: The husband, the father and the nurturing director

To understand Mrinal Sen the man, the political filmmaker, it is important to recognise his collaboration with Gita Sen, agree most of his collaborators and friends and family.

Mrinal Sen, the filmmaker who laid the foundation of parallel cinema in India

A look at the enduring arc of Mrinal Sen's work and how the man who was known for his plainspeak was also a master at looking inwards.

On a street far away, looking at a police car in the eye: ‘Today, I am no criminal’

"There is a long way to go. But today, maybe even people in small towns and states will wake up and realise that we too are people, and we deserve to live and love," said Vidya Rajput, one of the most prominent transgender rights activists in Chhattisgarh.

I never thought I would live to see this day: Queer activist on 377 verdict

“I never thought I will live to see this day,” says Sahni, who was a member of AIDS Bhedbhav Vidroh Andolan (ABVA), the first organisation to file a petition asking for Section 377, which criminalises homosexuality, to be struck down.

Gay in Gorakhpur: What it means to be a queer person in small-town Uttar Pradesh

What it means to be a queer person in small-town Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur's hoardings, like those of hundreds of small towns in India, is asking its young to leave in no uncertain terms.

The world Mrinal Sen built

One of the foremost filmmakers of our time, Mrinal Sen matched his strident politics with breathtaking storytelling. As he turns 95 on May 14, a look at the enduring arc of his work and how the man who was known for his plainspeak was also a master at looking inwards.

Kolkata teacher says he was fired from reputed school because he is homosexual

The principal of the Kolkata school, Moon Moon Nath, rubbished the allegations and said Abhijit Kundu himself asked to be removed as a full-timer.

‘I am a lesbian’: Kolkata girls’ school forces 10 students to ‘confess’ in writing

The parents blamed the school for arm-twisting the girls into signing the written admission. The school said the move was aimed at bringing the students on “the right course”.

Shades of Me

A photo project tries to capture the dreams and vulnerabilities of LGBTQI people in India.

Dear Sabyasachi, my mother gave up sari for a reason and she won’t be shamed for it

When Sabyasachi stated that Indian women who don't know how to wear saris should be ashamed of themselves, he didn't explicitly state that Indian women should wear saris at all times. But to burden them with a compulsion is unfair.

Here lies Hindoo Stuart: Inside the 250-year-old Park Street cemetery

The Park Street cemetery, which is now 250 years old, is home to stories of Kolkata’s past and present.

Supriya Devi is no more, but her feminist legacy lives on

Supriya Devi, famous for her role in Meghe Dhaka Tara, lived on her own terms on and off screen. She passed away at 85

The Queen is always right: Two young Delhi lawyers on why they do drag, and why it is political and personal

Two lawyers, who have performed as a drag queens in a number of queer events in Delhi for the past few months talk about their love for drag, understanding gender roles and how their profession inspired them to embrace their drag persona.

The right course

The sailor, whose service was terminated by the Indian navy after a gender reassignment surgery, explains why she is fighting back.

Stuck With Them Pretty Pictures

Does Bengali cinema have a Rituparno Ghosh problem?

Mahasweta Devi, voice of subaltern, rebellion

Mahasweta Devi, who was born to a poet father, Manish Ghatak, and a social worker-writer mother, Dharitri Devi, in Dhaka in 1926, never shied away from politics.

Freedom Calling

On July 31, 1995, the first mobile phone call in India was made in Calcutta — an event that surprised the rest of the country and transformed the lives of many

I don’t let a theatre release decide the fate of my film: Brahman Naman director

Q’s new film is not playing at a theatre near you; the director of Brahman Naman on showing on Netflix, the women in his films and his fascination with boys on the throes of manhood.