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In Varanasi, weavers’ woes — post-noteban and GST — not a poll issue

Owners of handloom units in Varanasi complain that by introducing GST, the government has "cleverly increased taxes in the garb of making taxation efficient and systematic" while harping on issues that have little to do with real problems this election season.

What is happening in Libya?

Ever since Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated in 2011, dozens of militias led by multiple war-lords scrambled to occupy the power vacuum left behind by Gaddafi's ouster. As a result, Libya turned into a war zone with different militant leaders claiming the control of the North African nation.

Explained: What UNSC blacklisting of Osama bin Laden’s son means

Apart from the UNSC blacklisting, the United States government, as a part of its 'Rewards for Justice' programme, had also announced a bounty of $1 million for any information that leads to the capture of Hamza Bin Laden.

Budget allocation for agrarian welfare is utter betrayal to farmers: Kisan Sabha

"It was felt that the BJP's defeat in the recent state elections might force it to take some concrete steps in the budget on these issues. Sadly, it hasn't happened and has disappointed farmers again," said Ajit Nawale, Maharashtra general secretary of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS).

Tehran summit: Iran, Turkey condemn US ‘support’ to Syrian rebels, Putin opposes ceasefire proposal in Idlib

For Russia and Iran- who have both been allies of the Syrian government ever since the war broke out in Syria during the Arab Spring- reclaiming Idlib is vital to complete what they perceive as a military victory in Syrian conflict after Syrian troops recaptured nearly all other prominent areas.

High procurement of crop means little to farmers: Yogendra Yadav

Yogendra Yadav said that a greater crop procurement often means lower prices and in the process, ends up hurting the already distressed farmer.

Jallianwala Bagh massacre anniversary: War tax, fall of Ottoman empire among reasons cited for local discontent

Jallianwala Bagh massacre anniversary: "There were causes arising directly out of the war (First World War), the general feeling of war-weariness... a great feeling of disappointment that the end of the war had not produced any relaxation of the stringency," said Miles Irving, Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar during Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Farmer suicides in BJP-ruled states very low, mostly over personal issues: Amit Shah in Karnataka

"There have been BJP governments in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh for the last 15 years and the number of farmer suicides in these states have been very low. The suicide cases that have been registered were due to depression and farmers' personal issues," claimed Amit Shah.

MSP Satyagrah: No mandi where farmers can sell their produce at MSP, says Yogendra Yadav

"Not even in a single mandi are the farmers able to sell their entire produce for the government's guaranteed MSP. You can imagine the mockery being played out in the name of MSP," stated Yogendra Yadav in the press conference.

PM Modi bats for Aadhaar, claims it bolstered India’s development and curbed corruption

"These days you keep hearing about Aadhaar. I want to say Aadhaar has added great strength to India's development. What would earlier get into wrong hands is now going to the intended beneficiaries," PM Modi said.

Farmer protest Day II: Agrarian crisis is policy, politics driven, says Yogendra Yadav

The protesting farmers from various states across India are demanding implementation of Swaminathan Committee's recommendations, lower input costs, farm loan waiver and fair price for farm produce among other things.