Pooja Pillai


Pooja Pillai is a Principal correspondent working with The Indian Express.

Music on My Palette
Sun, Oct 21, 2018

A Mumbai exhibition revisits the works of the late modern artist Mohan Samant — the forgotten among the Bombay Progressives.

#MeToo movement: Riyas Komu accused of misconduct, apologises
Fri, Oct 19, 2018

The allegation, made by an art world professional, was shared on the anonymously-run Instagram account ‘Scene and Herd’ late October 16. In the post, the woman described being pushed against a wall and kissed by the artist.

#MeToo movement: Jatin Das accused of harassment, artist denies
Wed, Oct 17, 2018

In a post on Twitter on Tuesday, Bora accused Das of forcing himself on her when she visited his studio in Khidki Village in 2004, after she had spent a day working for him at his home in Asiad Village.

The Call of the Sprawl
Wed, Oct 17, 2018

An exhibition of photographs highlights the urgent crisis of space and resources in Mumbai’s suburbs.

Expanding the Horizons
Wed, Oct 10, 2018

In its third edition, the Seredipity festival aims to break down the silos separating artistic disciplines

What the chef recommends
Tue, Oct 02, 2018

Despite the fact that the Mumbai upper crust’s demographic composition imposes unique restrictions on culinary experimentation, Wasabi by Masaharu Morimoto has remained a fixture in the fine dining scene in the city

The Call of the City
Wed, Sep 26, 2018

In the first show at its new location, Jhaveri Contemporary engages with Mumbai and its layered history.

The Body Electric
Mon, Sep 17, 2018

Romanian artist Radu Oreian’s paintings show his attempt to arrive at a unified vision of body and soul

Draw Me into Your World
Sun, Sep 09, 2018

The personal is political in Ratheesh T’s paintings, that are a part of his ongoing second solo show in Mumbai.

Families in Food: The City’s Own
Sun, Sep 02, 2018

A hundred-year-old bakery and restaurant lives up to its legacy in Mumbai.

Chronicles of an Artist Little Known
Sun, Aug 26, 2018

A Mumbai exhibition hopes to start a much-needed reassessment of MV Dhurandhar’s artistic legacy.

Famous ballet teacher Tushna Dallas dies at 76
Tue, Aug 14, 2018

She is survived by her husband Feroze and daughters Khushcheher and Mahzeebar. The funeral took place on Monday and the Uthamna ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday at Dungarwadi.

Before Midnight
Mon, Aug 06, 2018

An exhibition of collages at Chatterjee and Lal in Mumbai gives insights into the local sentiments during the freedom struggle

Karwaan actor Dulquer Salmaan: I don’t think anything should limit me
Fri, Aug 03, 2018

With Karwaan, Dulquer Salmaan, already a star in Malayalam and Tamil cinema, makes his Hindi film debut

What does it take to be a woman working in Malayalam cinema?
Mon, Jul 30, 2018

The male stars lay down the terms and outspoken female colleagues are still considered to be rebels without a cause.

In the Woods
Sat, Jul 14, 2018

The secrets of the wild and why we may never be able to fathom all its mysteries

Kerala’s new heroes
Sat, Jul 14, 2018

Stalwarts of Malayalam cinema have been unsettled from their pedestals because of their apparent misogyny.

Reused and Reborn
Tue, Jul 10, 2018

An ongoing group exhibition in Mumbai questions the nature of waste and whether discarded objects can ever be given new dignity.

In Mumbai, heritage buildings are living, breathing structures: Abha Lambah
Mon, Jul 09, 2018

UNESCO has declared South Mumbai’s Victorian and Art Deco ensembles as a World Heritage Site. Conservation expert Abha Narain Lambah talks to The Indian Express on what it means for Mumbai and the challenges ahead.

Families in Food: A Plate of Sunshine
Sun, Jul 08, 2018

Vegetarian snacking doesn’t get better than a plate of misal, at Mumbai’s Aaswad. The eatery was opened in 1986 by Suryakant’s father, Shrikrishna Ganesh Sarjoshi, who migrated to the city in 1968