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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pooja Pillai


Pooja Pillai is a Special Correspondent working with The Indian Express.

Floyd Cardoz, man who ‘helped make Indian food cool’, dies of coronavirus in New Jersey
Thu, Mar 26, 2020

Floyd Cardoz, who grew up in Bandra, Mumbai, is widely credited with bringing the diversity and complexity of Indian cuisine to the world’s notice.

Floyd Cardoz, the pioneer of ‘new Indian cuisine’, dies at 59
Wed, Mar 25, 2020

The Mumbai-born chef, who is credited with raising the profile of Indian food in the USA in the '90s, had tested positive for Covid-19

Ashwani Kumar: ‘Only way for any party to gain strength is to ensure workers, leaders not alienated’
Mon, Mar 16, 2020

In Delhi, the AAP govt succeeded in winning the imagination of the people around delivery of their programmes, says Ashwani Kumar.

Malpua to dahi chicken: Chefs on Holi delicacies they fondly remember from their childhood
Tue, Mar 10, 2020

Nearly every family ends up forming its own food traditions. When Aditya Jha was growing up, the one dish that invariably formed a part of Holi lunch was the Dahi Chicken cooked by his maternal grandmother.

‘Family influences my cooking in major ways’
Fri, Mar 06, 2020

Chef Kelvin Cheung on his influences and the menus of his two new ventures in Delhi

Bold and beautiful
Fri, Feb 28, 2020

Popular restaurant Pan Asian returns as Yi Jing, with assertive spiciness from Sichuan and Hunan

Chef Aditya Kumar Jha on the fine line between pushing the creative boundaries of food
Wed, Feb 26, 2020

What he wants, he says, is to keep the “DNA” — the flavour — of the food intact, even as he experiments with the form.

Non-veg off plate: Venue of Harappan dinners shifted from National Museum
Sat, Feb 22, 2020

The menu was to have included non-vegetarian dishes such as bati with dry fish, fish in turmeric stew, quail/fowl/country chicken roasted in saal leaf, salted cured sheep, lamb liver and chick-pea and dried fish and mahua oil chutney, before they were struck off.

Fishing for taste
Fri, Feb 21, 2020

Fig at Museo has a hard time reconciling taste with the quest for health

Fact Check: What did the Harappan people really eat?
Fri, Feb 21, 2020

The menu at 'Historical Gastronomica' suggests that the food of the Indus Valley people would be familiar to many Indians today, even as it challenges the idea of an essentially “Indian” culinary culture.

Despite a few chefs doing stellar work, running a good restaurant in India remains difficult
Tue, Feb 18, 2020

Writer-columnist Anoothi Vishal, who, as a journalist, had documented the start of the so-called boom at the beginning of the new millennium, has examined what makes a few restaurants work where so many others fail in her new book Business on a Platter (2019).

Travelling Suitcase: How I found peace in London’s St James Park
Fri, Feb 14, 2020

The oldest and most ornamental of Central London’s royal parks, it had been opened to the public by Charles II who would use it to entertain his guests and mistresses, most notably, the actress Nell Gwynn. It was at this time that the park also became notorious as a site of sexual assignations.

‘There’s nothing worse than a mean chef’
Fri, Feb 14, 2020

Chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White on why generosity and honesty matter in food and how the Michelin Guide has devalued its own currency

Is your food Indian?
Sat, Feb 08, 2020

Disgust or shock at what other people eat is a failure of the imagination.

Cold Comfort
Wed, Feb 05, 2020

The concept of a wine bistro in a city that is still coming to terms with the idea that some types of alcohol are meant to be sipped and not swilled, seems like a hard sell. But Delhi consumers are becoming more adventurous in their choice of drinks.

Delhi’s newest South Indian restaurant is a hit-and-miss affair
Fri, Jan 31, 2020

Padmanabham, in New Delhi, illustrates why even a classic South Indian tiffin menu demands attention to basics.

From my pantry: Chef Jatin Mallick on his favourite ingredient
Tue, Jan 28, 2020

I’m particularly enjoying sea bass right now. What I like to do is fry it in a pan till it has a crisp skin. Then in the same pan I char some broccoli, and I make some lemon butter salt, tossed with capers and some herbs, and put it all together in a dish.

Explained: How new tech is raising the bar for lab-grown and vegetarian meats
Thu, Jan 23, 2020

Plant-based alternative “mock meats” made of soya, jackfruit, mushrooms etc., have been around for a while; what is different now is the extent and sophistication of the technological intervention to create “meat” that is remarkably similar to the real thing in taste and texture.

‘Creativity is most important for cooking sustainably’
Thu, Jan 09, 2020

Swedish restaurateurs Jonas Karlsson and Ruth Osborne on the challenges and rewards of cooking with a conscience