Articles By Parul

A unique tryst with tradition

Jeevay Punjab is an effort to keep alive the rich literary, folk and music traditions of Punjab, along with providing a platform to new voices

‘Conflation of myth and science is not acceptable’

During the seminar, Professor Kochhar said the aim of ISC was to inculcate scientific temper and promote science. The event, however, witnessed people with scientific qualification ridiculing established science, he added.

‘Knowledge is not only on paper, a lot still in people’s memory’

Davinder Pal Singh, Co-founder & Executive Director of Panjab Digital Library, talks to Chandigarh Newsline about preserving Punjab’s heritage for future generations.

Interpreter of Maladies

Sukhpreet S Gill’s debut Punjabi film Meechak Smaaroh looks at the social milieu in the state.

Life in the City

A documentary by two Swiss filmmakers, Living with Le Corbusier, discusses the blueprint of Chandigarh and the relationship between architecture and society.

Connecting the Dots

An initiative by Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi is creating awareness about visual arts in rural Punjab.

War and Peace

Saddat Hasan Manto’s short story, 100 Candle Power Bulb, has been turned into a short film by the members of Alankar Theatre

Art in Motion

Dancer Saumya Shukla on the close connection between miniature paintings and Kathak

A Red-Letter Day

Kishwar Desai on an exhibition and a book that revisit the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Zone of Action

In its second edition, the Military Literature Festival 2018 in Chandigarh turns ground zero with stories of heroism, discussions on India’s role on the world’s battlefields, and conversations around war and peace.

‘Kathakali is a powerful genre… and we decided to take most complicated play of Shakespeare’

Supported by the Kerala government, the performance started with a salute to all those who have contributed to the welfare of those affected by the floods in the state.

Remembering Pierre Jeanneret: ‘As we face lack of space and budget, Jeanneret’s housing can be role model’

From 1951 to 1965, Jeanneret was the anchor of the creation and development of Chandigarh. He was the Chief Architect of Chandigarh from 1955-65 and the Town Planning Advisor to the Government of Punjab.

Room with a view

The living room becomes a space for experiments and explorations for theatre actors

Pursuit of Happiness

Actor-poet Piyush Mishra is at the event to talk about Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuch Kaam Kiya (Rajkamal Prakashan), an anthology of poems written over a period of 20 years.

Memories in an Image

The Apna Heritage Archive, in Wolverhampton, UK, uses original photographs of migrants from Punjab, who arrived in the city from 1960 to 1989, and how they preserved their memories.

A Time for Love

The legend of Sohni Mahiwaal is being retold as a novel, in both English and Punajbi.

Stopping by Woods on a November Evening

A forest land hosts an experimental art project, ‘In the Woods-2’

Night at the Museum: ‘Master plan is a work of art, for Corbusier was an artist’

Each section tells the fascinating and inspiring story of Chandigarh’s conception, planning and development, with original drawings, letters, sketches, photographs, master plan, furniture, models of buildings, elaborate text and information.

Threads of Tradition

Ethicoco is project that is focussed on the revival of traditional weaving in the Himalayas.

Physical Proximity

The Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale offers a chance for artists to connect with audiences on contemporary issues