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Mango exporters have to pay more as airlines hike freight charges after Jet crisis

Exporters operating from the Vashi wholesale market in Navi Mumbai said mangoes are sent via the air route to European, American, middle-eastern and other markets via the air route.

Soon, auction of pomegranate, onion and tomato to go online in Pune

In Pune’s wholesale market, trade in molasses was the first to shift online with the market administrator issuing notices of suspension of licence to traders who had refused to do so.

Dip in milk procurement, prices likely to increase in Maharashtra

The ongoing drought has effected an almost 20 per cent dip in milk procurement as farmers find it difficult to provide fodder and water for their animals.

Maharashtra govt plans to use sugar mill’s model to fight infestation across state

The Shree Vighnahar Cooperative Sugar Mill, located in Junnar taluka, has been fighting this infestation by adopting an integrated approach.

After gap of two years, toor crosses MSP mark of Rs 5,675 per quintal

A lot hangs on the monsoon, which is predicted to be near normal by the Met department. In case the monsoon fails or there are large dry spells, dal prices could shoot up further in the later part of the year.

Maharashtra banks stonewall mills by clearing only 25 per cent soft loans to pay off cane dues

Millers, as well as officials of the sugar commissionerate, said banks were wary of disbursing loans as most banks, including Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank (MSC) Bank, had demanded either state government guarantee or collateral from the mills for sanctioning loans.

Maharashtra mango growers seek compensation, cite crop loss and higher production cost

Given the higher margins in the trade of produce from Karnataka due to the sheer volume, traders and commission agents here push such produce than the costlier mangoes produced in the state.

First challenge for next govt: Food inflation set to return

The past couple of months have seen prices of a host of farm commodities surge, mainly on the back of drought in large parts of western and southern India, coupled with an early and harsher-than-usual summer.

Pune: New e-commerce portal aims to cater to senior citizens

Seniority will provide a platform containing all products for this segment of the population, which has shown an increase in spending power in recent years.

Maharashtra dairies report drop in procurement as fodder, water crises intensify in drought-hit areas

Failure of fodder crops like maize, jowar (sorghum) and the closure of the sugarcane crushing season has amplified the crisis, with more and more farmers taking their animals to the nearest fodder camp for survival.

Fall armyworm: An insect that can travel 100 km per night & the threat it poses for farmers

Given its ability to feed on multiple crops — nearly 80 different crops ranging from maize to sugarcane — FAW can attack multiple crops. Similarly, it can spread across large tracts of land as it can fly over large distances. This explains the quick spread of the pest across India.

Maharashtra: 100 tonnes of mangoes exported by agricultural marketing board so far

On average, 70,000 boxes of mangoes are arriving daily in Vashi market, Navi Mumbai, and 30 per cent of them are being exported, mainly to the Gulf countries.

Starting this kharif season, agriculture dept to monitor pest infesting jowar, sugarcane

CropSap is a flagship programme of the department through which it monitors pests on cotton, tur, soya bean, paddy and gram. Formed in 2008, the programme is marked by extensive use of communications and information technology.

Pune drought-hit dairy farmers in for fresh shock: Lower procurement price

The drought has also led to a dip in milk production. Most dairies say production is down by about 20 per cent. As fodder and water become scarce, most farmers are struggling to keep their livestock alive.

IT employees working in Pune’s Hinjewadi get only a few hours off to vote

In accordance with the Election Commission guidelines, companies in Hinjewadi, which is part of the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency, had declared a holiday on April 23.

Congress-NCP will win maximum seats in Maharashtra, says Harshvardhan Patil

Across Maharashtra there is a strong undercurrent of anger among the voters. There are multiple reasons for that, the failure of the government to fulfill the promises made in 2014 being one of the main, said Harshvardhan Patil.

Congress-NCP will win maximum seats in Maharashtra: Congress leader Harshavardhan Patil

Across Maharashtra, there is a strong undercurrent of anger among the voters. There are multiple reasons for that, the failure of the government to fulfil the promises made in 2014 being one of the main.

Maharashtra: Ideologies blur as personal equations take over poll battle in sugarcane belt

Traditionally, Kolhapur has been a stronghold of the Congress, but internal feuds and rise of the NCP almost wiped out the party from the region. Many of the cooperative sugar barons had joined the BJP, which now has one MLA in the constituency.

Second year in a row, Maharashtra crosses highest sugar production mark

Maharashtra has never seen two consecutive seasons of record sugar production in the last 10 years. Thus, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons will mark a major deviation from the state’s sugar production trend.

An unusual election effect: Increased demand drives up poultry prices in Pune markets

As leaders of various political parties campaign across the state, and thousands of party workers try to reach out to voters, the consumption of chicken has increased as the election fervour intensifies.