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Articles By Pallavi Chattopadhyay

Nurturing a Dying Art

Theatre director M Sayeed Alam revives his play Pollution Hazir Ho with the touch of street magicians, bahurupiyas and snake charmers.

Raza and his Companions

An exhibition gives a rare insight into SH Raza’s friendship with his contemporaries and masters of exhibition

The Trialogue Company’s play Tansen echoes the trials of the famed musician in Akbar’s court

A melange of dance, drama and live music comprising dhrupad, qawwali and khayal gayaki, the play chronicles Tansen’s birth to Parvati and Makarand after many prayers, near Gwalior.

He Saw at the Sea Shore

In his new exhibition, TK Hareendran turns his gaze on the ideas of pain, longing and freedom.

Other side of the river

Director MS Raj’s political investigative documentary drama, Marina Puratchi, reveals hidden stories of the Jallikattu protests

Rakesh Bedi returns with his play Massage, and unravels the lure of theatre

His one-man comedy show Massage, brought by Pooja Sehgal Batta Theatre, will be staged in the Capital on Saturday, where he steps into 24 characters.

‘Her infectious energy drew everyone towards her’

Mourning Mulay’s loss on social media, National Award-winning film critic Meenakshi Shedde stated, “Akka enjoyed close friendships with Satyajit Ray, French filmmaker Louis Malle and others; they helped her make her documentary The Tidal Bore.”

Kolkata-based artist Piyali Sadhukhan uses art to address violence against women

Her choice to write couplets, in Braille, under most of her art works, successfully fulfill her purpose, of showing how society turns a blind eye to situations.

An exhibition in the Capital speaks of the struggles within one self and the world at large

The show speaks about the inner struggles everyone goes through, with the help of the experiences of 12 contemporary artists and their videos, sculptures and canvases. Curator of the show Ashna Singh believes that the biggest war is from within.

Hope in a troubled landscape

‘Afghani Vignettes’ offers an oddly colourful view of a place inflicted with violence for years

Lessons in Humanity

A photo exhibition tracing Anne Frank’s life talks about the Holocaust and how similar forms of discrimination exists even today

The battle of life

Unrequited love, class divide, and refugee crisis are central in director Feisal Alkazi’s latest musical adapted from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities

The ‘Jallianwala Bagh Centenary Commemoration Exhibition’ sheds light on the fateful massacre

Using the help of unknown facts and intimate details of what happened before and after the massacre, it examines whether the fateful event was a well-planned conspiracy by Dyer to confine those gathered inside the premises, which was devoid of any escape route.

Matter of Life and Death

Presented by the Bengali theatre group Dhumketu, the play is riddled with statistics. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, India has the sixth-highest female suicide death rates in the world; and more than one lakh people have committed suicide every year, over the last decade.

Rags to stitches

An exhibition in Delhi traces the stories and the themes within one of India’s oldest syles of embroidery, Kantha.

All you need is love

A Shakespearean adaptation of Romeo and Juliet presents modern-day realities

Taking the line for a walk

Abstract artist Sheila Makhijani asks viewers to make sense of her lines, brimming with a life of their own.

The people’s artist: Friends from the art world and family remember the creative genius of artist Haku Shah

The meeting held in memory of Haku, the late Valod-born artist, a Padma Shri awardee, Rockefeller Foundation fellow, and Kala Ratna awardee, had well-known names from the art fraternity, who gathered on Saturday evening in the Capital.

Two new productions compare the sufferings and strengths of modern-day women

The productions examine the sufferings of the modern-day women through the mythological characters of Draupadi and Shoorpanakha.

Decoding Canvases: Artist Aditya Pande’s mixed media works showcase present-day Delhi and borrow from archaeology and mythology

These mixed media works on display at Nature Morte are captured in pitch dark. For them, Pande photographed the ring roads in Delhi with long camera exposures at night, using the motion of taxis, traffic and lights as his guiding force.