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Delhi choking: Root cause stems from deep crisis in agriculture

The fires are so many and so widespread that satellites flying hundreds of kilometres above the Earth record their presence.

India struggles to introduce dengue vaccines, but how safe is it?

An expert from WHO's India Programme office warned that "dengue is the fastest growing disease in the world and climate change will only exacerbate the problem".

CERN ‘human sacrifice’ act riles India

A video shot outside a CERN building in Geneva, Switzerland showing a fake human sacrifice has triggered an investigation after it has circulated online.

Olympics to drug discovery: India a laggard?

Many of the neglected diseases where the developed world does not invest in research are all found in India.

Here’s how sunflowers hold key to solar energy

A team six American scientists working at the top notch University of California has found that it is the selective growth of the stem in one direction that makes the sunflower follow the sun.

Are India’s tiger numbers inflated?

No doubt tigers are reclusive animals and counting them is not easy but such a huge discrepancy of a third of the population casts a doubt on the reliability of both the techniques.

Cheers and tears at India’s secretive nuclear establishment

Much to cheer about at Kudankulam, as India's largest nuclear power park situated not far from the tip of India, Kanyakumari, is now operational.

PM Modi brought ‘achche din’, ‘naya savera’ for Indian space community

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushed for use of space-based technologies in day-to-day governance of India where he sat through two hours of open grilling of line ministry secretary level bureaucrats.

ISRO RLV launch: First baby step in reusable space vehicle tech, says VSSC chief

ISRO's RLV space shuttle launch is also a big leap for technological development, said Dr K Sivan, director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in an interview.

Here’s how ISRO’s space technology can save lives of soldiers at Siachen

In the past three years, at least 41 soldiers have lost their lives at the Siachen Glacier.

How safe is your milk to drink? Experts caution against contamination

A cheap milk testing kit has been developed by the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) in Mysuru, which is a part of the gigantic Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Why dengue threat could be up to 1,000 times bigger than you think

According to Health Ministry figures, an average 20,000 cases were reported every year from 2006-12. But two authoritative studies suggest the actual numbers could be anywhere between 6 mn and 44 mn.

C N R Rao’s SOS to PM Narendra Modi: save Bhabha’s house

Bharat Ratna Prof C N R Rao meets PM Modi to stop the public auctioning of Homi Baba's home. PIL has also been filed.