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Old Delhi beautification project: Electrician has to deal with tangled wires, angry bystanders, and a looming deadline

Overhead wires are being concealed as part of a recent beautification plan in Old Delhi. Singh, whose team is part of the project, has a lot to deal with: tangled wires, angry bystanders and a looming deadline.

A continuing injustice

Female genital mutilation continues in the Bohra community. The Modi government can use its influence with the sect to end the practice.

Lost in translation: A day in the life of a student in an English-medium classroom in a Delhi school

Municipal schools in Delhi plan to introduce English-medium sections. Pawan studies in one such classroom, and says it’s a struggle

Music This Week: To Hurt and Heal

Turn Out The Lights, Julien Baker, matador, $12.99 Julien Baker’s debut album, Sprained Ankle, self-released in 2015, was a bolt of lightning from out of nowhere. Recorded at the time she was in college, it was a stark contemplation on heartbreak, insecurity, loneliness, addiction and faith, built almost entirely out of gently plucked acoustic guitar […]

Home Thoughts From Exile

As the Centre readies to deport Rohingya refugees from India, a visit to the Kanchan Kunj cluster on the outskirts of Delhi reveals a community caught between violence and an uncertain future.

Spreading the cheer: A day in the life of Saddam Saifi, 25, a bartender in South Delhi

His mother can’t explain his job to others and his pub owner doesn’t want him to do gimmicky stuff, but Saifi doesn’t mind. Mixing exotic cocktails is his first love, he says.

Little wounded women: A new generation of Bohra Muslim women is speaking out against female genital mutilation

Though a new generation of Bohra Muslim women is speaking out against female genital mutilation, not everyone believes a petition in the Supreme Court is the way forward.

Faces On The Fringes Of News: “How can you control food portions? What if guests go hungry?’

PM Modi has expressed concern over food wastage at social gatherings while Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has suggested that restaurants tell the food they serve per portion. Gupta agrees food gets wasted during social events such as weddings, but “the government should find a better way”

Dhaba owner’s dilemma: To feed or not to feed

The dhaba mostly caters to daily wage labourers and rickshaw pullers whose families don’t live in the capital.

A day in the life of Subhash Kumar operating the ‘jumbo fan’ at New Delhi Railway Station

Accustomed to hand-held fans in his village in Bihar, Kumar now finds himself operating a giant, six-winged electric fan at New Delhi Railway Station. His new job profile, he says, makes him feel like a “hero”

Base Notes: Vivian Fernandez aka gully rapper MC Divine

Vivian Fernandez aka gully rapper MC Divine on growing up in the slums, gospel rap and topping international music charts

Night shift- Taxi service: When ‘Dubeyji’ is around, reaching home safe at night is smooth

When Dubey had moved to Mumbai from his native village in Uttar Pradesh some 30 years ago, he had a dream, just like all others who come to the city: to make a name for himself.

Can you feel the bass? Music that’s not just heard, but felt

The Ska Vengers' Taru Dalmia is on a mission to crowdfund and build a mobile sound system in India to take music out of clubs, and straight to the people.

Right of Way

A radio programme in the US tells stories of Indian women.

Reel It In

A forum for women filmmakers, WMF, plans its first film festival.