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‘Eroding independence’: Govt wants to probe complaints against former CICs, ICs too

The findings of the committee would be submitted to the President. If he is of the opinion there are reasonable grounds for inquiry, he would refer it to the Chief Justice of India, who may nominate a Supreme Court judge to conduct an inquiry.

RTI law does not allow, Govt wants powers to probe complaints against Information Commissioners

The Indian Express has learnt that the proposal envisages setting up of two committees — one, to receive and decide on complaints against the CIC and a second one for complaints against Information Commissioners.

Explained: Is the Indian economy slowing down?

Economists are looking at signals such as drop in vehicle sales and production cut, drop in consumption of food items, slower growth in core industry segments. A look at the possible reasons, and the concerns

Pinarayi Vijayan: ‘Nationwide pre-poll alliance bears no relevance; picture will be clear only after elections’

In an interview with The Indian Express, Pinarayi Vijayan talks about alliances, the Congress and issues with Kerala’s development.

Budget 2019: Half of households are target; PM Modi calls it trailer

In this budget, two critical voter segments were targeted: an estimated 12 crore farmer families and 3 crore middle-class taxpayers. It handed them more money that can spur consumption-led growth.

Explained: Why election economics is all about handouts and sops

Ambitions high, Congress leaps into welfare politics to counter BJP. It has worked at times, but not always.

Govt sits on post-noteban jobs report, two top statistics panel members quit

NSSO employment report on 2017-18 was expected to reflect job losses

What to expect in 2019, Economy: Some gains likely in poll year, but don’t count on growth spurt yet

Gains from GST and insolvency code will begin to accrue, but may not immediately translate into higher growth rates. The impact of the new government’s decisions will take a while to show. Major worries remain at home and abroad. Expect volatility in the stock markets.

Three years ago, key statistics panel revised UPA growth up, Niti Aayog rejected it

Then Chief Statistician T C A Anant confirmed that the release of data was withheld. “Niti Aayog had issues with a particular proxy we used for corporate sector growth estimates,” Anant told The Indian Express.

Simply Put: When a bank becomes a PSU

Governor administration has cleared a proposal to treat J&K Bank as PSU. How that happened, what it means

RBI: Why a ‘joint family’ story from the past is creating a buzz today

This story of a “joint family approach”, being shared in a small circle of past directors of the RBI Central Board, holds much relevance in the context of the current debate on the optimal level of reserves the Reserve Bank must hold. 

Decoding RBI’s Central Board

Ahead of a crucial meeting next week, a look at RBI board's composition, role and tradition followed so far

Why the rupee’s fall is not a major worry, why intervention by govt and RBI has its limits

With the strengthening of the US economy and rising oil prices, the rupee has suffered a sustained fall this year, sliding from levels of 63 against the dollar in January to over 74 in October.

Urjit Patel: RBI Governor and his governance

If Raghuram Rajan spoke his mind, Urjit Patel whispers it — but is as clear. With govt entering poll mode and the economy hit by headwinds, a fractious relationship will be further tested. The Indian Express explains how both sides need to communicate — and why the options are few given today’s politics and economics

Govt versus RBI: Pressure on RBI to ease credit to small firms, relax lending norms

RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya’s outburst came after push by part-time, non-official directors.

R C Bhargava on IL&FS, Maruti boards; his son in investor Abu Dhabi fund

While ADIA declined to comment on the questions mailed to its spokesperson, a source clarified that Aditya Bhargava is head of India real estate and has no involvement with nor has any visibility on equity investments like these which are subject to Chinese walls.

IL&FS crisis: ‘Name us but why didn’t Centre name shareholder directors’

Five independent directors on the erstwhile board have written to the newly appointed chairman Uday Kotak on October 2 raising several red flags and elaborating on constraints of long-term finance that plague the infrastructure sector.

On Election Commission’s table: Model code to kick in as soon as House dissolved

This will mean that states may be barred from taking any policy decision which may be in the nature of influencing the electorate.

In wake of caste protests, PMO holds its first meeting on affirmative action in private sector

The meeting comes in the wake of nationwide protests by several groups — Dalits, Jats, Marathas and upper-castes — over a range of issues: from quotas in jobs and promotions to alleged dilution of the law meant to protect Dalits.

Rathin Roy interview: ‘Current account deficit, a symptom of consumption by just top 100 million’

Rathin Roy says the increase in the CAD is partly a result of the goods and services like four-wheelers, higher education, civil aviation, and recreation travel consumed by a small percentage of the population, say 100 million.