P S N Rao

The author is a senior professor and head, Centre for Real Estate Studies, SPA, New Delhi

Articles By P S N Rao

Redevelopment on right track, but challenges remain

Integrating new buildings with old heritage facilities, careful integration of people, vehicles & land uses, and tackling livelihoods of poor living off railway stations, among others, need to be factored in while redevelopment of railway land and stations

Deteriorating air quality: No half measures to tackle Delhi pollution

Strengthening public transport such as Metro rail, promoting electric vehicles, strict monitoring of construction and finding ways to use crop stubble rather than burning are some of the measures that can be taken to curb Delhi-NCR pollution that has increased to alarming levels

RERA: An Act seeing dilution, missing deadlines and agitations

With only 15 states having notified rules under the Act and provisions regarding ‘ongoing’ projects and penalty getting diluted, the pace of implementation has not been satisfactory, leading to anxiety among homebuyers

Real estate: A real fillip needs additional push post-currency pullback

The real estate sector in India has forward and backward linkages with as many as 265 industries.

One way to avoid several hassles

Pedestrianisation of specific precincts in the city is a very good and accepted idea. Making it happen needs careful orchestration of various parameters.

Compact Settlement: The need to adopt redevelopment

From new housing infra to developers getting additional floor area to increased revenues for urban local bodies, the approach has multiple benefits

Prioritising aesthetics: Cities need to be ‘art smart’

Despite having a master planning system, the implementation often leaves much to be desired.

Model Building Byelaws: Reforms rolled out, over to states now

Since the provisions are not binding on the state governments and building regulation being a state subject, states have to adopt these in their respective statutes.

Focus on the product,not the discount

A question one is asked often these days is whether it is time to celebrate since the real estate market is rising once again.....

See,check and buy

Before you make an investment in property,make a close scrutiny of the project and examine all the possibilities