P.D.T Achary

The writer is a former secretary general of the Lok Sabha.

Articles By P.D.T Achary

Explained: What does the anti-defection law say? What can disqualify a legislator?

The anti-defection law is contained in the 10th Schedule of the Constitution. It was enacted by Parliament in 1985. It came into effect on 1st March 1985.

Greener Pastures

The anti-defection law is routinely misinterpreted.

Bonds of secrecy

Concealing the identity of donors in electoral bonds goes against a fundamental tenet of democracy — transparency. Any executive Act which takes away transparency is anti-democratic and against public interest.

A Needless Controversy

Supreme Court order makes it clear ‘services’ fall under Delhi government, not LG

Responsibility without power

That the government in Delhi is elected yet circumscribed points to a constitutional anomaly. Apex court should correct it.

Rules Against The Law

Why the Centre’s notification against cattle slaughter is controversial

The LoP Excuse

In the Lokpal delay, absence of a leader of opposition is a red herring

Illegal cap

The right to withdraw money cannot be extinguished by demonetisation.

Jain leader Tarun Sagar’s address in Haryana Assembly

A Jain monk being called to address the Haryana Vidhan Sabha is a first. It raises issues of propriety and sanctity — and constitutional questions.

Show Me The Money

In spite of attempts to dress it as one, Aadhaar bill is not a money bill.

It’s no ordinance raj

Considering the circumstances, the NDA’s ordinances are justified.

Governed by whim

SC has asked for reasons for removing governors. Does NDA have any?