Noopur Raval

Noopur is a PhD student at University of California, Irvine. She studies digital labour platforms and tweets @tetisheri

Articles By Noopur Raval

Want sustainable living solutions? Need to rethink our digital lives

Imaginations of digital technologies also evoke visions of speed, friction-less transactions and in turn the ability to scale an activity easily.

Rumor & news: How free-floating media becomes suspicious explosive objects

There are several daily examples of lazy journalism that involves “cut and paste” from Google or Twitter

Twitter and abuse: Why social costs of public interaction are increasing everyday

The quality of public conversations on social platforms has drastically reduced since the early days, especially Twitter, because it allows people to participate with minimal effort and identifying information.

Change your Facebook profile picture to get colonised

Equating Facebook with the idea of a Digital India poses a bigger threat.

Digital labourers: A dedicated workforce poorly treated by app companies

Right from the promise of the 30-minute pizza delivery to huge hoardings of mobile apps that line the landscape of Indian metros, the new dream is to avail and enjoy services with minimal effort.

Where everything can be leaked, whither digital literacy?

With every such hack, there is a backlash calling for more secure technological systems and stricter international laws around privacy and data protection.