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Monday, September 27, 2021

Nita Mehta


Nita Mehta is a celebrated chef and has penned over 600 books. Her book cover a multitude of cuisines from around the world. 450 of her books have been on the best-seller list, and in the short span of a few years she has sold over 7.5 million books. Several of her books have also won International Awards. She has conducted cooking classes in USA, UK, Canada and several other countries, and appeared on many TV channels in cookery shows.

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Tantalise your taste buds with this Baby Corn Jalfrazie recipe
Thu, Nov 26, 2015

This week, from Nita Mehta's Kitchen, we bring you the wonderfully delicious Baby Corn Jalfrezie in a tomato-based sauce.

Express Recipes: Simple-to-make Gobhi Masala
Sun, Nov 15, 2015

The perfect recipe to whip up when you're in a hurry and still want something simple and home-made.

Delicious breakfast recipe: Veggie Cheese Slice
Thu, Nov 05, 2015

This is something you make in a jiffy, if you are getting late for work, and it is yummy too.

Express Recipes: How to make Makhane aur Paneer Curry
Wed, Oct 21, 2015

While this is something ideally made for fasts, this could be an alternative to your usual Kadhai Paneer or Shahi Paneer.

Navratri recipe: How to make Kashmiri Mirch Aloo
Wed, Oct 14, 2015

There's so much you can do with potato, especially to make Vrat Ka Khana. This spicy recipe will keep your taste buds engaged while you keep those fasts.

Express Recipes: How to make Pudina Paneer
Mon, Oct 12, 2015

The fresh, minty taste, and the red-white appeal of tomato and paneer make this delightful dish a winner.

Express Recipes: How to make Palak Paneer
Thu, Oct 01, 2015

The combination of very nutritious spinach and very versatile paneer is yummilicious to say the least. Palak Paneer is something which could very well be a party preparation as well as a regular dinner dish.

Express Recipes: How to make Kheer Baadshahi
Wed, Sep 23, 2015

The rich flavour of boondi laddoo combined with the freshness of pomegranate and grapes lend this Kheer a Baadshahi status. Those with sweet tooth cannot afford to miss this.

Express Recipes: How to make Fruit and Ice Cream Flan
Wed, Sep 09, 2015

Craving for a frozen dessert? You can very well make this super yummy Fruit and Ice Cream Flan.

Express Recipes: How to make Khandvi in 4 easy steps
Thu, Sep 03, 2015

Light on stomach and absolutely delicious, Khandvi can be a perfect option for your breakfast or evening snack.

Express Recipes: How to make Paneer Taka-Tak
Thu, Aug 27, 2015

If you are bored of your regular shahi paneer or Kadhai Paneer, here's another rendition of Paneer curry.

Express Recipes: How to make Veggie Pizza
Thu, Aug 20, 2015

You don't need an occasion to have Pizza. But if you are making it at home, you need a recipe. Here goes.

Express Recipes: How to make Aloo Poori
Wed, Aug 12, 2015

These crunchy, stuffed Pooris can be prepared for breakfast as well as evening snack. You can even pack them in your kid's lunchbox.

Express Recipes: How to make Tandoori Bharwaan Aloo
Thu, Jul 30, 2015

You can make a variety of preparations with aloo and there is little scope to go wrong with it.

Express Recipes: How to make Hara Bhara Kebab
Thu, Jul 23, 2015

While temptations will always be there, you can be a little responsible towards your health by making your snacks healthy.

Express Recipes: How to make Moong Daal Vadi ke Kebab
Wed, Jul 15, 2015

The purpose is to make healthy food delicious. You may not be very fond of Moong Daal, but you cannot say no to these heavenly kebabs.

Express Recipes: How to make Tandoori Chaat
Thu, Jul 09, 2015

It's always possible to make nutritious food tasty. A combination of fruit and vegetable, Tandoori Chaat can be served as an evening snack or a starter.

Express Recipes: How to make fresh Strawberry Jello
Fri, Jul 03, 2015

Strawberry Jello is a jelly topped with vanilla scoops, fruit, syrup and chopped fruit.

Express Recipes: How to make Watermelon Sorbet
Fri, Jun 26, 2015

Watermelon is almost 92% of water and is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Also, it prevents you from dehydration. Presenting the recipe of this yummy frozen dessert Watermelon Sorbet to refresh your senses.

Express Recipes: How to make Fresh Strawberry Ice cream
Fri, Jun 19, 2015

You cannot go wrong with strawberry ice-cream. An evergreen frozen dessert which can be served on all occasions. And it's especially a hit among kids.

Express recipes: Indulge in mango madness with this ice cream
Wed, Jun 10, 2015

It's the season of mangoes and it's the season of ice creams. The combination of two favourites of the season is just awesome.

Express Recipes: How to make Suji Idli
Wed, Jun 03, 2015

This quick recipe is a perfect summer breakfast. Light and tasty, suji idlis are extremely light on stomach.

Express Recipes: Shahi Kesari Paneer is your perfect summer dessert
Wed, May 27, 2015

Keeping in mind the searing heat, here's a recipe to satiate your sugar cravings and keep your stomach cool.

Express Recipes: How to make Spinach Orange Salad
Thu, May 21, 2015

Summers is the perfect time to experiment with salads. The Spinach and Orange salad has just the right nutrients to keep our body healthy in the sweltering heat.

Express Recipes: How to make Herbed Beans with Potatoes
Wed, May 13, 2015

An easy-to-cook veggie, Herbed Beans with Potatoes, served with hot chapatis is an ultimate treat.