Nishant Shah

Nishant Shah is a professor of new media and the co-founder of The Centre for Internet & Society, Bangalore

Articles By Nishant Shah

Why we fight on Twitter equally over Ayodhya verdict and who a Big Boss contestant looks like

The production of the mundane as the spectacular thanks to our screens is centrally responsible for the current nature of our internet interactions.

What our smart devices don’t tell us while giving us piles of information

The visual predominance has become the default mode of being of our mobile-triggered lives, where every banal moment is potentially viral and presents us as perceptive and quirky and insightfully thoughtful.

Facial recognition at airports promises convenience in exchange for surveillance

If smart technology is promising you a few hours of convenience, what is it asking you to sign away?

Digital Native: After the Storm

Why we need to stand by Greta Thunberg and #MeToo activists when they are under attack.

Kashmir’s digital blackout marks a period darker than the dark side of the moon

While we mourn the loss of connection with the moon, remembering a digital blackout closer home

The social media crisis we really need to pay attention to

Social media turns everything into a crisis, and a crisis into a spectacle.

Digital Native: How free is the internet?

It is contradictory and confusing as it amplifies as well as destabilises the order of things.

Why I’m not going to tell you about the dangers of apps like FaceApp

Concerns about privacy, aimed solely at users, are better directed at owners of digital infrastructure.

The worrying survival of moon landing conspiracy theorists

The moon landing deniers were the original fake news propagandists. Only, they didn’t have the internet.

Facebook sees its salvation with its cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook’s Libra is designed to take control of our digital lives.

Staying silent about cyberbullying is no longer an option

Cyberbullying is the dangerous new normal.

What Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce or Tard, taught us

The legacy that Grumpy Cat leaves behind.

Digital Native: Three things we need to realise about what TikTok is doing to us

Fifteen seconds is all that will take for TikTok to own you.

Digital Native: Narendra Modi’s interview by Akshay Kumar is a PR masterpiece

How to spot the influencer in your politics.

Digital Native: Getting through an election made for the social media gaze

In the poll season, social media platforms thrive on wounded outrage disguised as politics.

To solve its problems, Facebook needs to accept its role in creating them

The problem with Facebook’s recent shout-out for collective social responsibility.

Digital Native: Lessons from Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp going down

The day when three social-media apps refused to load.

Digital Native: How an information overload affects what you forward

The information overload of social media sharing can make us act against our better judgement.

What I learned from going offline for 48 hours

A weekend without the internet shows just how much control we surrender to online chatter.

Why it’s too much to expect social media companies to end the spread of fake news

Technological control of fake news is impossible if we remain eager to hate.