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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Nisha Madhulika


A homemaker in Noida, and passionate about cooking, Nisha Madhulika at 54 started in 2007. She started her YouTube channel in mid 2011. She is known for making recipes with easily available ingredients. She has posted more than 1100 videos on her channel so far. She is one of the most popular chefs online and was recently featured in YouTube Top Chefs coffee table book.

Aloo lovers, try Potato Sesame Salad!
Thu, Jan 29, 2015

You can do many things with potato - make paratha, tikki, sabzi and what not. You can even make a salad out of it and it tastes delicious.

Move over Gajar Ka Halwa, make Stuffed Gajar Paratha
Tue, Jan 20, 2015

Try making Stuffed Gajar Paratha this winters. One, it's high on nutrients. Two, you will get another option for breakfast.

Makar Sankranti special: Make this Til Dry Fruits Barfi at home
Wed, Jan 13, 2016

This barfi made up of sesame seeds, jaggery and dry fruits is a perfect Lohri recipe and is good for your health too.

Express recipe: How to make mouth-watering Golgappe
Tue, Jan 06, 2015

A good plate of Golgappa is enough to refresh your senses and make you feel happy about life.

Aloo Methi recipe: The healthy and delicious winter treat
Tue, Dec 30, 2014

Tasty, healthy and flavourful - Aloo Methi ki sabzi is a must-have in winters. Here's the recipe.

Express recipe: Try making Pizza on Tawa this winter
Mon, Dec 29, 2014

Making pizza on Tawa is fun and is as delicious as its microwave version.

Christmas Recipe: How to make Chocolate Peanut Bar
Mon, Dec 29, 2014

It's the time to gorge on cakes, chocolates and cookies. The Christmas week is about to begin.

Impress your guests this weekend with restaurant style Aloo Gobhi
Tue, Dec 09, 2014

The problem is that our regular Aloo Gobhi preparation does not go well with our party menu. Here's the recipe of restaurant style Aloo Gobhi.

Winter recipe: How to make Makki Paratha Aluwala
Mon, Dec 29, 2014

Who doesn't love Makki ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag in Winters. Here's a variation for Makki lovers.

Dessert of the day: How to make the perfect Malai Kulfi
Mon, Dec 29, 2014

It's very difficult to say no to this sweet and creamy delight, even in winters.

Winter delight: Make Eggless Fruit and Nut Cake and eat for a month
Mon, Nov 17, 2014

Eggless fruit and nut cake will give you the much-needed energy and a health boost in winter season. Check out the recipe.

Snack of the day: Noodles Spring Rolls
Mon, Dec 29, 2014

A classic Chinese preparation, today Spring Rolls is one of the most popular snacks in India. Noodles give an edge to this preparation.

Express recipe: How to make Besan Nariyal Barfi
Mon, Dec 29, 2014

If you have a sweet tooth, here's a recipe that might interest you. The Besan Nariyal Barfi can be easily prepared at home.

Instant snack: How to make roasted potato wedges
Mon, Dec 29, 2014

You can't go wrong with potatoes. So if you have unexpected guests at home, roasted potato wedges will save the day for you.

The ultimate Vegetable Biryani recipe
Mon, Oct 13, 2014

The vegetarian version of Biryani a Mughali cuisine, comprises of rice, spices and vegetables. However, it's not easy to master the fine art of making Biryani.

Express recipe: How to make Paneer Butter Masala, restaurant style
Mon, Oct 06, 2014

If you want to cook a restaurant style paneer butter masala for your guests this weekend, here's the recipe.

Navratri special: How to make besan ladoo
Mon, Sep 29, 2014

Besan ladoo is an all-time favourite in any puja season. So, you can make it in Navratri as well. All we need is besan, ghee and sugar to make it.

Yummilicious! How to make a pizza sandwich
Mon, Sep 22, 2014

Wondering what to pack for your fussy eater kid in lunch tomorrow morning? You can very well make this Pizza Sandwich.

Express recipe: How to make Aloo Bhatura
Wed, Sep 17, 2014

There's probably nothing as sinful and tasty as oil-dripping bhaturas and steaming hot chole.

Super snack: How to make mouth-watering Shahi Samosa at home
Mon, Sep 08, 2014

You don't need an occasion to enjoy a yummy, hot and crispy samosa. But what happens when the craving sets in, but you can't step out of home.

Instant snack: How to make crispy Noodles Pakora
Mon, Sep 01, 2014

Indians swear as much by their pakoras as by the noodles. So making a noodles pakora is not a bad idea.

Healthy breakfast recipe: How to make Palak Paneer Dosa
Wed, Sep 17, 2014

If you don't feel like having plain dosa, but can't really have potatoes, this recipe is perfect for you.