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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Nimish Dubey


Nimish is a freelance writer based in New Delhi. He writes about technology, books, sports and everything else

Under a thousand: One cable to connect them all
Mon, Mar 28, 2022

In recent times, the Stuffcool Quad 2 4-in-1 cable has gone down to Rs 999, freeing users from the need of carrying multiple wires and the hassle of tangles.

Under a Thousand: Portronics Chicklet is the boss of budget portable keyboards 
Sun, Mar 06, 2022

Here are our thoughts on the Portronics Chicklet, a super-portable and light Bluetooth keyboard.

Under a thousand: The super-affordable Apple accessory many phones (and not just iPhones) need
Mon, Feb 07, 2022

If you intend to break free from the wireless world and get back to your wired headphones, these are perhaps the best option for you under Rs 1000, and perhaps even twice that amount!

Under a thousand: Upgrade your phone or tab’s storage for less than Rs 1,000
Sat, Nov 20, 2021

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive is currently available for approximately Rs 650, which is the price for 32GB storage variant. One can also buy the 64GB storage model, which is priced at Rs 850. It is for those who are trying to get more storage on their device.

Asterix and the Griffin review: Pun-fun and great imagery add up to classic Asterix!
Sun, Nov 07, 2021

Asterix and the Griffin, the 39th Asterix comic (or "album" as some prefer to call them) has just hit stores all across the world

Got a new iPhone 13? Grab these must-have accessories, at under Rs 1,000 each
Sat, Oct 16, 2021

There are a host of accessories that you can get for your iPhone 13, and the good thing is they all cost under Rs 1,000 each and come from reliable brands with a good track record.

AMX XP40: Charge four gadgets safely, swiftly for Rs 899
Tue, Oct 05, 2021

The AMX XP40 is one of the best options for anyone looking for a multi-device charger without spending too heavily.

Indian Ad-Age: Not just Cadbury, 7 other classic ads that could do with a gender swap
Wed, Sep 22, 2021

A little radical? Perhaps. But as Bob Dylan sang : 'The times they are a -changin'

Targus KB55: A Bluetooth keyboard that makes any tablet a PC for less than Rs 1K
Sat, Sep 11, 2021

At a price of close to Rs 1000 and often under it, Targus KB55 keyboard is easily the best Bluetooth keyboard for that price.

The Day The World Changed: Seven books to read about 9/11
Sat, Sep 11, 2021

To this day, people debate about what happened, and why. Questions and conspiracy theories abound. And there are literally hundreds of books on the subject

Mama Mia, Here They Go Again! 12 amazing facts about comeback ‘Kids’ ABBA
Sun, Sep 05, 2021

As music lovers welcome back perhaps one of the greatest groups in the history of music, here's a look at twelve amazing facts about them.

KZ EDX earbuds: Transparent design, detachable cables, and great sound for Rs 899!
Sat, Aug 21, 2021

The KZ EDX earbuds come with single 10mm Composite Magnetic Dynamic drivers which at this price point is a USP in itself. It is currently selling for Rs 899.

Want to know more about the US, Taliban and Afghanistan? Seven books to read
Mon, Aug 16, 2021

If you wish to know what exactly were the roles of the US and the Taliban in Afghanistan and the reasons for the seemingly never ending chaos and bloodshed in that country, here are seven books that will give you a better understanding of matters.

Oh What a Mess(i): Seven footballers who broke down and wept
Mon, Aug 09, 2021

Lionel Messi's tearful departure from Barcelona might have marked the end of a famous chapter, but the six-time Ballon d'Or winner was just the latest in a list of many who gave in to emotion.

Zeb-MagSecure review: MagSafe Goodness at Rs 849
Sat, Aug 07, 2021

If you have an iPhone and want to experience the magnetic wireless charging experience without breaking the bank, the Zeb-MagSecure is a superb option.

Not just Euro 2020: Why England fans are scared of their team taking a lead
Mon, Jul 12, 2021

Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Kieran Trippier, and Luke Shaw have all scored crucial openers for England at major tournaments but the "lead first and then lose" phenomenon struck again in London.

15 lesser-known facts about Dilip Kumar: The man who was Ram Aur Shyam, Devdas and Salim
Wed, Jul 07, 2021

Acting was never the first choice for Dilip Kumar, he turned down Pyaasa and Lawrence of Arabia: Here are 15 surprising facts about the man who shaped Indian cinema.

This day in 1984: The greatest ODI innings ever
Mon, May 31, 2021

Mention Vivian Richards at Old Trafford on 31 May, 1984 and a respectful hush will descend. Yes, some will contend that there were better innings played, but the conviction would have gone.

March 29, 1983: Why India’s win against West Indies in Berbice still remains special
Tue, Mar 30, 2021

On March 29, 1983, India shocked world champions West Indies, the world, and perhaps even themselves with their first-ever win against the Caribbean side in ODIs.

When Steve Jobs unleashed the iPhone: 10 amazing facts from the 2007 launch
Sun, Jan 10, 2021

Check out the top moments from the 2007 launch of the first Apple iPhone by Steve Jobs.

From 42 to 36: A tale of two India collapses, 46 years and six runs apart
Sat, Dec 19, 2020

Of the 20 batsmen who batted at Lord's and Adelaide, 19 got dismissed in single figures -- Eknath Solkar was the only one to get past 10.

The Battle of Troy…a little Half-Fryed
Wed, Nov 25, 2020

There is heroism, cowardice and cunning right through, but well, we suspect that Fry tries too hard to cover all bases, and the consequence is that there are too many characters, too many incidents, and far too much action, happening.

One More Thing: With the M1, Tim Cook just did a Steve Jobs!
Wed, Nov 11, 2020

With the "M1 Inside, Intel Outside" move, Apple has got back its insanity. The insanity that got us amazing products that changed the world of tech, rather than super-efficient ones focused on doing what everyone else did, only a little better.

The name is Connery, Sean Connery: 12 things you might not know about the first James Bond
Sat, Oct 31, 2020

Sean Connery was a multi-layered person. A person full of life. And not surprisingly, his life was a full one. And there is a lot that many folks — even his most ardent fans — do not know about him.

Book Review: Troubled Blood By Robert Galbraith is surprisingly ordinary
Sun, Oct 04, 2020

At more than 950 pages, Troubled Blood is the longest in the Cormoran Strike series (the first in the series was 450 odd pages and its predecessor was 650 pages or so). And it feels that way too.