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Nimish is a freelance writer based in New Delhi. He writes about technology, books, sports and everything else

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Indian Ad-Age: How Hamara Bajaj felt the heartbeat of a nation

Bajaj’s response to challenges from mainly motorbike-pushing brands like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki in late 1980s was an ad campaign, called "Hamara Bajaj", that set a new benchmark for Indian advertising - not just motor vehicle advertising, but advertising in general.

Indian Ad-Age: How Cherry Charlie made Cherry Blossom Shine

How successful the Cherry Chaplin ads were can be gauged from the fact that they went on for quite a while, a rarity in an industry where change is almost constant.

How ‘Mummy, I am Hungry’ made Maggi a household name in India

Although simple, the “Mummy, I am hungry” ad had so many nuanced messages right under that surface. No one found it spectacularly entertaining, but it got the message across - moms trust Maggi for their kids. So it had to be good!

Marcelo Bielsa: No World Cup, No European titles, still the best coach in the world

The reason for Marcelo Bielsa’s formidable reputation stems partly from his passion for the sport, a passion that is so far-reaching that it encompasses everything around the game, even life itself.

20 years, 20 amazing facts about The Matrix

Happy Birthday, Mr Anderson…er….Neo!

Why I am deleting Michael Jackson’s playlist

I am removing every Michael Jackson song from my electronic devices. It just does not seem right any more after what has come to light in Leaving Neverland. The four-hour documentary has literally been the last straw that has broken the back of this camel that was Michael Jackson’s fan.

10 legends who never won an Oscar

Here are ten people who were and are stars and legends in their own right, and yet never got an Oscar for their efforts.

Dear YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, here is a (radical) fix for you

An increasing number of people on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now make posts to get attention in the form of likes and comments, rather than to simply share a slice of their lives.

RIP, Mr Gordon Banks: Remembering THAT save against Pele in 1970

At the 1970 World Cup, England goalkeeper Gordon Banks denied Brazil legend Pele with a save that is almost universally regarded as the greatest the world has ever seen.

How UnGrammy-tic! 10 legends who never won a Grammy Award

Remember how Charlie Chaplin never won an Oscar award for his acting? Well, the Grammies have their own “Good Heavens How Come They Never Got a Grammy” hall. And some of the artistes in it are not just famous but downright legendary - so legendary that they did not need a Grammy to prove it.

Read Only Mode: The Five Best Tech Books of 2018

The best tech books of 2018 by Emily Chang, Scott Galloway, Adam Fisher, Ken Kocienda and Gary Vaynerchuk.

On This Day: When Sunny became Sehwag against West Indies in Delhi

Known for patient attrition and spending hours at the crease, Sunil Gavaskar turned a phase in Delhi by scoring 121 runs from 94 balls.

Would Steve Jobs have liked Apple today?

As the world marks seven years since the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the debate about whether he would have liked what Apple is doing today is reignited

Elon Musk is NOT Steve Jobs…live with it!

Jobs was no angel, but ironically what many considered to be his Achilles Heel - a penchant for showmanship - was actually his biggest strength.

Happy Birthday, Boss: 20 facts you might not know about Bruce Springsteen

Once considered the spiritual successor of Bob Dylan because he too wrote of the travails of the working person, Bruce Springsteen is now a legend in his own right, and is considered perhaps the greatest live performer of them all.

Happy Batman Day: 10 stories every Batman fan should read

Happy Batman Day: If you are looking to add a little bit of Batman to your lives on the day devoted to him, we would suggest grabbing one of these ten masterpieces of storytelling.

Vive La France and More: Ten things the 2018 FIFA World Cup taught us

Contrary to what many had feared (hoped, in some cases), Russia 2018 was definitely a success, with upsets and surprises aplenty.

Die Mannschaft Effect: Seven amazing World Cup comebacks by Germany

If you thought Toni Kroos’ effort against Sweden was special, just cast an eye on these seven performances which are the stuff of which German footballing legend is made.

A ‘Messi’ Business: Ten Legends (and one) who missed penalty kicks in the World Cup

A look at ten other players, apart from Lionel Messi, who were stars in their own right but came undone at the penalty spot in the World Cup.

When World Cup kits went crazy: Seven strange World Cup uniforms

As World Cup in Russia gets underway, it is worth casting a glance back at seven team uniforms that caught the eye but for the wrong reasons.