Nikita Puri

Articles By Nikita Puri

Clay Choreographer

Artist Anindita Dutta’s world is one of ‘living sculptures’ forged in clay.

Shoot to Stop

The latest issue of photo magazine Pix features works that comment on the socio-political situation of Pakistan.

Building Bridges

Storyteller, designer and founder of AHF, Rajeev Sethi, talks about the new kid on the block, the Sasian Journey.

Photojournalist Chandu Mhatre’s Urban Reflections: glimpses of changing urbanscape to Mumbai

Chandu Mhatre’s photographs document Mumbai’s changing landscape.

Chastity Files

My Sacred Glass Bowl is a 26-minute long Hindi/English documentary on virginity in India.

Lives of Others

Photographer Pascal Mannaerts celebrates the lesser-known stories of Indian women.

Strokes and Stories

‘Words & Images’ showcases published and unpublished drawings of three illustrators.

That Stinking Feeling

Multimedia artiste Shweta Bhattad’s latest solo revolves around open defecation and the lack of sanitation in rural India.

Spreading Their Wings

For a group of recent graduates, theatre festival Bharat Rang Mahotsav is a platform to catch the public eye.

It’s Dark in There

The play will be staged on Saturday at Kamani Auditorium today, 6.30 pm.

Poster Colours

Polish artist Lech Majewski on the art of making posters.

Picture Tales

Besides artworks, photographs are also a hit at the ongoing India Art Fair

No Country for Young Women

After breakdancers, German photographer Nicolaus Schmidt’s latest project is women in rural India

‘We are only the sum of our stories’

Author Jerry Pinto on writing and the projects that keep him busy.

Found in Translation

Rohan Murty spoke on MCLI, and his love for history and philosophy.

Swedish photographer Reg Fallah composes paan-drenched walls into art

Swedish photographer Reg Fallah’s images of public walls across India urges audiences to take a closer look at the concrete screens we look past everyday.

Theatre of Resistance

Palestine’s Jenin theatre members double as freedom fighters, carry forward legacy of cultural dissent.

Whirling with Time: A conversation with Delhi-based Raqs

There are more than one kind of time-keeping devices in the exhibition.

Knot by a Long Shot

A coffee-table book attempts to capture the essence of Indian weddings

Knot by a Long Shot

A coffee-table book attempts to capture the essence of Indian weddings