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Aishwarya Pissay: ‘First Indian ever to win motorsport world title’ ended last in 3 out of 4 races

Aishwarya did finish with most points in the women's category but was the only one who participated in all four rallies.

Men’s relay team gets a safety net for Worlds Championships

While the women’s team is currently placed at 14th according to the IAAF relay team rankings, the men’s team is precariously positioned at 16, the cut-off spot.

Study break throws Hima Das off track?

Coaches believe 45-day gap for Board exams reason for U-20 champ’s struggle to meet Worlds qualifying mark.

Top athlete gives intelligence on doping ring in Punjab and Haryana

The athlete had failed the dope test when his samples were collected during a national meet last year and decided to provide what is known as 'substantial assistance' to the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA).

‘Prithvi Shaw has attended at least three awareness programmes; I am sure he knew if he was attentive for even 5 seconds’

Speaking to The Indian Express, the BCCI's point-man, when it comes to anti-doping measures, admits that the BCCI needs to increase the number of out-of-competition testing.

When Lasith Malinga decoded the tattoos on his hand

Lasith Malinga said that he enjoyed playing in front of the Mumbai crowd in the Indian Premier League.

I’ve realised it is okay to fail, I take things in my stride now: Sanju Samson

Sanju Samson says he has worked on his fitness and feels he is in the best shape now.

Weight gain, fever, nausea: Semenya recalls nightmare

After her breakthrough performance in Berlin, Semenya didn't run for 11 months and was suspended for six of those after the test.

U-19 World Cup winner Manjot Kalra’s parents fudged his age: Police chargesheet

The Delhi Police found discrepancies in Kalra's date of birth when they scrutinised records of the two schools the cricketer had been registered.

Soulmate proposed on Valentine’s Day: Dutee Chand

In her first detailed interview after opening up about being in a same-sex relationship to The Sunday Express last weekend, Dutee spoke about the delight of receiving overwhelming support for her announcement.

First thought world won’t allow a girl to be with a girl. But she said, if we want we can make it work: Dutee Chand

After becoming the first Indian sportsperson to talk about being in a same-sex relationship, Dutee Chand opens up about dealing with the dilemma of coming out and the reaction of her family and well-wishers since

Dutee Chand calls sister a ‘blackmailer’; sister unopposed to relationship

Saraswati, 10 years Dutee Chand’s senior, said she was not opposed in principle to her same-sex relationship. But didn’t want her younger sister to be misled or exploited by those trying to piggyback on her fame.

Dutee Chand says she’s in same-sex relationship with soulmate

Dutee Chand, the 100 m record holder and winner of two silver medals at the 2018 Asian Games, is the first Indian sports star to acknowledge being in a same-sex relationship.

As Neeraj Chopra recuperates from injury, Shivpal Singh emerges as India’s best bet in javelin

A fit Shivpal improved his personal best to 86.23 metres at the Asian Championships — up from 82.56 metres — which is the second best by an Indian after Chopra's 88.06m.

CAS ruling on testosterone levels for women: Nationals untouched by new rules

IAAF regulations don't bar DSD athletes from competing ‘domestically’ and winning medals. The CAS, in its executive summary, accepted that ‘testosterone’ is the primary driver of difference in sports performance between men and women and that the cap is essential for ‘fair competition’ among women.

S Sreesanth abused Rahul Dravid in public, says Paddy Upton in his book; he denies

Paddy Upton says that 24 hours before they were arrested on May 16, 2013, Sreesanth had been 'sacked and sent home for poor behaviour.'

Caster Semenya vs IAAF: Therapy life-long, has side-effects, says expert

Dr Ambrish Mittal, chairman Endocrinology at Medanta The Medicity, told The Indian Express what it will take, why there could be side-effects and how it will affect athletic ability.

Caster Semenya’s CAS verdict: ‘Based on my experience of working in India, this will lead to witch-hunt’

Dr Payoshni Mitra, one of the 10 experts on Caster Semenya’s team, believes implementation of the regulations will result in violation of the rights of female athletes.

IPL 2019: Seven IPL stars, five commentators, one management firm

All of them feature on the home page of Cornerstone, the country’s most high-profile sports and entertainment consultancy that specialises in talent management.

Throw it like Neeraj Chopra

Over hundred, many from UP farmland and remote Gujarat, turn up at talent hunt for javelin throwers.