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Friday, January 22, 2021

New York Times


How game apps collect data on children
Thu, Sep 13, 2018

The review of 20 children’s apps — 10 each on Google Android and Apple iOS — found examples on both platforms that sent data to tracking companies, potentially violating children’s privacy law; the iOS apps sent less data overall.

For a healthy baby, lose extra weight before pregnancy
Wed, Sep 12, 2018

"If the goal is to try to improve pregnancy outcomes for both the mother and her offspring, then we need to start early.”

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: More than just ‘the woman who gave birth’
Tue, Sep 11, 2018

“…even if I only create that sentiment or that environment or even create a little bit of solidarity for other women, that is something.”

Can women drink while pregnant? Poster sparks debate
Fri, Sep 07, 2018

Indeed, health organizations are virtually unanimous on the issue: Women should not drink while pregnant. Doing so can cause an array of physical and mental impairments in the child.

Moms may want to work, but are struck by the costs of motherhood
Wed, Sep 05, 2018

Even though highly educated mothers were less likely to quit working than less educated mothers, they were more likely to express anti-work beliefs, and to say that being a parent was harder than they expected.

Should you use a spy cam when your child is home alone?
Tue, Sep 04, 2018

Sure, he could pick up the phone and call me to let me know he has arrived home, but why rely on such an archaic option when I could instead turn my front door into Big Mother?

At 36, he found his birth parents, but didn’t know it would lead them to the altar!
Mon, Sep 03, 2018

Standing safely under the big tent while the rain poured, Schmidt grinned and began the ceremony. “For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m Martin Schmidt; I’m their son,” he said to loud cheers. “And related or not, this is the group of people we call family.”

The Baby Decision: Are you scared to be a parent?
Sat, Sep 01, 2018

The period of adulthood, usually in one’s 30s, when the childbearing decision becomes unavoidable, is a kind of existential rite of passage for many urban professionals.

How an Archbishop went from Vatican loyalist to demanding the Pope’s resignation
Wed, Aug 29, 2018

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò's letter that was published on Sunday has challenged Francis’ papacy, and shaken the Roman Catholic Church to its core.

Jitu Rai books Rio 2016 berth
Wed, Sep 10, 2014

Jitu finished behind South Korea’s double Olympic Champion Jin Jongoh in a closely contested final.

For Lionel Messi,time is the best medicine in World Cup year
Sun, Jan 05, 2014

Barcelona and Argentina will do well to wait for the 27-year old to return to full fitness.

Al-Qaeda militants in Iraq claim Falluja as ‘independent state’
Sun, Jan 05, 2014

In one area of Falluja,a militant said over a mosque loudspeaker,"We are God’s rule on Earth."

Rutlemania is back,and it’s unreal
Sun, Jan 05, 2014

A Beatles parody band,created as both tribute and goof,that was almost too good.

Miley Cyrus on twerking to the top
Sun, Jan 05, 2014

In 2013,Miley Cyrus wagged her tongue and set tongues wagging.

Brainlike computers, learning from experience
Sun, Jan 05, 2014

New computing approach is based on biological nervous system,specifically on how neurons react to stimuli and connect with other neurons to interpret information.

Breathing new life into old maps
Sun, Jan 05, 2014

The University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab has added modern bells and whistles to the landmark Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States.

In the human brain,size isn’t everything
Sun, Jan 05, 2014

The human brain is exceptional,too. At three pounds,it is gigantic relative to our body size.

Cleaning the mobile germ warehouse
Sat, Jan 04, 2014

Repeated studies show what accumulates is germy nastiness worse than what is on the bottom of your shoe.

An abnormal stroke risk
Sat, Jan 04, 2014

Atrial fibrillation can cause strokes even among lean and physically active people.

Increasing ski helmet use isn’t reducing serious brain injuries
Fri, Jan 03, 2014

Unsettling trend of accidents could be down to young enthusiasts engaging in risky manoeuvres.

Up early and in line for a marijuana milestone in Colorado
Fri, Jan 03, 2014

Regulators said Colorado’s first sales — on a day called Green Wednesday by enthusiasts — went smoothly.

Recognise Israel as Jewish state: Netanyahu
Fri, Jan 03, 2014

Israeli leaders say refugee question can be resolved separately and the status of Israel’s Arab minority can be protected.

Parts of 2 key Iraqi cities fall to Qaeda group active in Syria
Fri, Jan 03, 2014

Radical Sunni militants free prisoners,torch police stations and seize mosques in Falluja and Ramadi.

United in hate
Thu, Jan 09, 2014

Europe’s far-right nationalists are forming alliances to weaken the European Union.

N Korea’s Kim says he wants better ties with South
Thu, Jan 02, 2014

North Korea has often called for improved ties with the South in its New Year messages.