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How Syrian Independence Day marks 72nd anniversary of France’s unceremonious exit from Levant

Syria, a French mandate since 1920 till independence in 1946, had been under the domain of the Ottoman administration for more than 400 years.

How Indian Railways came on track of luxury travel

Convenience and luxury travel in the Indian Railways are as old as the entity itself. It is another matter that barely a miniscule number of Indians beyond the royalty could avail of it for around a century.

Lean on Me: The radio show which has been a friend to many Indian women

#GenderAnd: Sakhi Saheli, a synonym for girlfriend, is a popular show on All India Radio’s Vividh Bharti, running for nearly 15 years now.

This is how the Jain community has survived test of the times

The community’s tenacity and survival can be attributed to its intra-community bonding and relative affluence as a result of engagement with trade and commerce as its primary occupation.

New ‘WomenInTech’ forum launched to promote STEM career interest and capability among girls

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), India kicked start a collaborative industry initiative to address the sharp lack of women in STEM careers via new forum called ‘WomeninTech,’ which aims to address the gap at various levels through a multi-pronged approach.

Behind the languages you speak, a complex link to who you are

Describing somebody as an owl (‘ullu’) will have very different implications in Hindi and English: the same person will be thought to be wise and bookish in English and a fool in Hindi.

Why southern stars like Sridevi found more success in Bollywood

From Vyjayanthimala, Padmini and Waheeda Rehman to Hema Malini, Rekha, Jaya Prada and Sridevi, south Indian female actors on the whole have been historically quite successful in blurring the linguistic and topographic boundaries in cinema than their male counterparts.

Hemp without the high: Legal side still smoky, but cannabis startups eye areas from fabric to medicine

The legality of cannabis use in India has been a subject matter of debate from the British rule to as recent as 2017. But India is finally warming up to R&D in this area.

Why the story of the sari is as complex as its pleats

A glance into the sari’s uneven origins, colonial-era influences and confluent meanings encourages wearers to go beyond its broadstroke projection as a ‘timeless’ marker of pan-Indian-womanhood.

The Whole Nine Yards

The sari has seen many mutations, affected by culture, region, and social meanings.

How India’s foreign policy vis-a-vis Palestine evolved

The first modern political ties between India and the Arab world were forged over a common opposition of British imperialism, when Palestinians were looked upon by Indian nationalists as fellow brothers-in-bondage.      

How India’s Republic Day parade evolved from its early years

Republic Day 2018: India's spectacular Republic Day parade in its first two decades had the flavor of newly-formed nation.

Indian spouses on edge as Trump administration wants to revoke H-4 EAD policy, voice fears

The Donald Trump administration is potentially out to revoke the Obama-era H4 EAD rule, which extended employment authorisation to certain dependant spouses of the H-1B holders seeking a lawful permanent resident status.

Durgabai Deshmukh: A trailblazer and institution-builder, devoted to public service

#GenderAnd special series on the women who helped draft the Constitution of India and toiled for nation-building.

Who was Fearless Nadia?

Fearless Nadia represented a profound shift in the way women were portrayed in Indian cinema, usually as vamps, virgins or victims, and became what no woman had ever been before -- the hero.

A century ago, India got its rare, and strange, Rs 2.5 note

On January 2, 1918, the British government of India released an exotic bank note of Rupees Two and Annas Eight, or two and a half rupees.

‘Feminism,’ ‘Fake news,’ ‘Complicit,’ ‘Truth’ and more: Politics and current affairs electrify the 2017 words of the year

Words of the year are like codes that capture a wealth of information in our communication today.

1.56 crore abortions estimated in India in 2015; 81% through medication: Study

#GenderAnd Development: Most abortions take place without prescriptions and outside of facilities via chemists and informal vendors.

Donald Trump’s Jerusalem move rings alarm bells in Arab world

No country in the world currently has an embassy in Jerusalem, which is partially an occupied territory under Israeli military control, and neither is it recognised internationally as being unilaterally under Israel's jurisdiction or ownership.

What’s wrong with India’s abortion laws?

GenderAnd Development: The tricky debate on Abortion: Where the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act conflicts with two other laws?