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Lok Sabha Election Results Explained: Key takeaways from verdict that returned Narendra Modi to power

Lok Sabha elections 2019 results: How does the BJP triumph compare with the one in 2014, which it has bettered? Where does it leave the Congress and the Left, and what is its significance for the voter?

Royal Playground

In his second book, Manu S Pillai explores the Deccan through the many rulers who engaged with it

How Satyajit Ray’s The Alien hovered above Hollywood before nosediving into oblivion

The Extra-Terrestrial opened to applause that is yet to subside, Satyajit Ray had submitted to Hollywood’s Columbia Pictures the screenplay of a film about the friendship between a small boy and a benevolent alien.

In appeal to Odia subnationalism, a politics of outreach

Commemoration of 200 years of the rebellion of the Paikas

Champaran Satyagraha: 100 years on, recalling the birth of the Gandhian political experiment

Champaran was the first of 3 movements during 1917-18 that marked the entry of Gandhi — and civil disobedience — in Indian politics.

The legend of Padmavati and how to read that immortal poem today

There is no historical evidence that Padmavati existed. The poem was written over 200 years after the events it purports to describe occurred. The controversy over the film is a battle of competing narratives.

What the ‘revolutionary terrorism’ of Bhagat Singh really means

There has been uproar in Parliament over the alleged reference to Bhagat Singh as a ‘terrorist’ in a well known book, the sale and distribution of whose Hindi version has been stopped by Delhi University.

Why it isn’t ‘depraved’ to look at Mahishasura as the victim

India’s cultural history is shot through with innumerable narratives, and they often don’t agree.

Book review: All That Remains

For his services and loyalty, Pakistan treated the Chakma Raja as a national hero, and successive Pakistani regimes for over a quarter century rewarded him with a range of ambassadorial positions.

The competing narratives of Tipu: What they say, and why

Historical evidence on the life and times of Tipu Sultan is mixed, and his assessment has often been based on current perceptions, prejudices.

Explained: Between Akbar and Pratap, meaningless to look for ‘greater’

Akbar attempted one of history’s biggest and most successful experiments in empire-building.

Explained: No ‘upper’ or ‘lower’, Parliament is both Houses together

Arun Jaitley had said it is a serious question in a parliamentary democracy wherein the wisdom of a directly elected house is questioned repeatedly by the indirectly elected house.

Explained: Tale of the sting

In July 2014, former AAP MLA Rajesh Garg recorded Kejriwal purportedly proposing a plan to break six members from the eight-MLA Congress.

To Chetan Sir, With Half-Love

The biggest-selling writer’s new novel is dogged by the old problem of terminal corniness