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LOOSE LIPS: Guess the actor who has been calling herself the lucky mascot for her producers?

Here's one heroine who has been boasting to her industry pals that she is responsible for her last few films collecting Rs 100 crore at the box office.

Guess the female actor who can go from BFF to stranger at the drop of a hat

Today's scoop is about a female actor who changes her stance depending on who she wants to please on a given day.

Guess the actress upset with a megastar for not casting her in his next film

B-Town's gossip gang which comprises of many A-list celebrities have been wagging their tongues over a film project in which the lead actor played a big hand in casting this particular A-list female actor.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which young actor is having fights with his girlfriend?

We've had cases where actors got married right after their debut but still enjoyed the female fandom. So, we advise this young star to stop thinking so much if he is committed to the love of his life.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess the starlet who wants to be linked up with her co-stars?

Though a couple of her friends who also happen to be from the entertainment industry advised her not to take this path, she seemed pretty sure that it was the only way she could be the center of attention.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which actor decided to use paparazzi to promote himself?

Today, we got to know about a star who believed that his performance would do the talking. However, the actor was shocked when he found that he wasn’t part of the promotional plans of his film.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess the female actor whose mentor is leaving no stone unturned to make her the next superstar?

This actor started her career under her mentor’s wings half a decade back. But she has barely scratched the surface. However, it seems like she is not so perturbed about her stagnant or slow-paced career graph. Here's why.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess the actor who is upset with her mentor?

On the insistence of her mentor, the actor had refused a couple of movie offers. She did so thinking that he wants her to take up a big project but when one such project did come her way, he made her say no to that as well.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess the female actor who goes on secret vacation alone?

Darling, why do you need these treatments? You are beautiful as it is and your fans can vouch for that. Well, we hope this trip of yours is not busted.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess the female actor who has been sending feelers to get a role?

The female actor had a successful stint but some other businesses and personal issues led to her swiftly running out of films.. Now that she is married and has managed her business ventures well, the actor is all set to make a comeback and will leave no stone unturned till she bags some meaty roles again.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which actor is upset with linkup rumours?

Today’s gossip is about one such fresh pairing that has been touted as an alleged couple by friends and tabloids but actually, there is something that not many are aware of.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which producer is upset with this newbie actress?

While an outsider would jump at this kind of an opportunity given by their maiden production house or producer, industry kids aren’t so motivated by this feeling.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess the actresses who have got into an ugly catfight

We know what you guys are thinking but let us break it to you – no, it’s not an actor who has created a rift between the ladies. In fact, it’s the movie promotions that is their bone of contention.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which actor is envious of this young actor?

Our jealous star is considered a fantastic actor. So, we were shocked when we recently learnt from a close friend of the senior actor about his insecurity arising from the recent success of a young actor.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which actress got reprimanded by the director of her upcoming film?

Today’s gossip is about an actress who is promising and trying really hard to give tough competition to her contemporaries. And we may know partially what’s holding her back!

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which ex-lovers came under the same roof recently?

The actor has avoided crossing paths with this beautiful actress. But this time. paths did cross at this soiree! And, as many knew of their sordid past, people were shocked to see both not acknowledging each other.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which actress made an award show organiser go mad with her crazy demand?

Our diva wants someone to always escort her the moment she arrives at the venue and steps out of her vehicle. This can’t be any random volunteer but the show’s organizer himself or herself.

LOOSE LIPS: Guess which actor waited in his car for 45 minutes to avoid this actress?

Our actor and this pretty actress aren’t pally at all and have had public showdowns earlier as well. So he asked his manager to check when will the actress make a move from the function.

LOOSE LIPS: Can you guess which popular actress is calling shots in her upcoming series?

One of the producers felt that despite the actress' huge fan base, the show isn’t getting the desired response as the actress didn’t commit enough time and zeal to promote the show.

LOOSE LIPS: This superstar’s wife is breathing fire thanks to this young actress’ growing proximity to her husband

Our young bee had already gained special attention from her superstar mentor and bagged another project with him obviously on his recommendation. This surely has pissed the wifey to no end.