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Explained: Why NCERT’s preschool curriculum wants focus to be on mother tongue

According to the recommendation, providing a strong foundation for all-round development and lifelong learning are the two central objectives of preschool education. It also says that the commercialisation of pre schooling is detrimental for children’s motivation to learn.

Explained: Modi-Xi meet in Mahabalipuram for ‘Informal Summit, what is it?

Informal Summits allow discussion on wide-ranging issues, they are not particularly purpose-specific, and are sometimes considered to play bigger roles in diplomatic dialogue than formal exchanges.

Explained: Telangana’s idea of supplying medicines to remote areas by drones

In July, Telangana submitted a proposal for its drone policy to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The state hopes to become 'beyond visual line of sight' (BVLOS) compliant, making commercial use of drones possible.

Explained: Soot found in placenta, is foetus at risk?

Previous studies have established a connection between prenatal exposure to ambient air pollution and impaired birth outcomes.

Explained: 112, India’s new all-purpose emergency number

In India, the decision to launch the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) system was taken in the wake of the 2012 Delhi gangrape case.

Explained: 200 years on, why Odisha’s Paika Rebellion continues to inspire and agitate

The Paika Rebellion is one among the peasant rebellions that took place in India when the British East India Company was expanding its military enterprise.

Explained: Why ethnic strife is tearing apart Indonesia’s Papua highlands

Unrest in the Indonesian side of the Papua islands exists since at least 50 years now, when the New York Agreement, which was brokered by the United Nations was signed between Indonesia and the Netherlands in 1962.

Explained: What is the Global Climate Strike movement?

The global strikes will commence just as the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 is set to take place in New York on September 23, where Thunberg has been invited.

Engineer’s Day: Sir Visvesvaraya’s contribution to nation building

Sir MV’s career spanned 34 years and after taking a voluntary retirement from state service in 1918, he continued work including on the Mysore Iron and Steel Works and established the Sir Jayachamarajendra Occupational Institute in Bangalore in 1943

Explained: Why Archbishop of Canterbury’s apology for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre matters

But why hasn’t the UK apologised till now? For one, admitting blame could have legal and financial consequences.

Explained: Why a disease of pigs has China in despair

To prevent the spread of the disease, over 5 million animals have been culled since the first outbreak was reported in Shenyang in northeastern China at the beginning of August 2018.

Explained: How are vehicles tested for pollution?

The fine for PUC violations has now gone up to Rs 10,000; it used to be Rs 1,000 for the first offence and Rs 2,000 for subsequent violations before the amendments came into force.

Explained: Why High Court invoked Orwell’s Animal Farm to strip Rajasthan ex-CMs of privileges 

The amendments, made when the previous Vasundhara Raje government was in power, introduced changes in the Rajasthan Ministers' Salaries Act, 1956.

Explained: The burden of rabies, and the shortage of vaccines

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) figures, India bears over a third of the global burden of rabies, and accounts for 59.9% of deaths from the disease in Asia, and 35% globally.

Explained: What is foetus in foetu?

When a ‘twin’ forms inside a human body. What causes it, and how frequently does it happen?

Explained: The Munich Agreement and the road to World War II, 80 years ago

Great Britain and France, which had assured help to Poland, declared war on Germany and its allies two days later, on September 3.

Explained: What are Autonomous Vehicles which Singapore is testing

In the “Autonomous Readiness Index” this year, Singapore has ranked second among the 25 countries that were assessed.

Explained: Delhi Police’s QR code push for women’s safety

At least 1,500 taxis and autos outside railway and metro stations, and the airport have been fitted with the QR codes. According to the police, the feature is meant to ensure only verified drivers ferry passengers.

Explained: Why Indonesia is moving its capital, and what next for Jakarta

For Jakarta, the first warning signs appeared in 2007, when one of the city's worst floods was triggered by a regular tide, with some places being buried under as much as 16 feet of water. The floods killed over 80 and displaced over 5 lakh people.

Explained: BM Kutty and the Keralites of Karachi

The first wave of migration of Kerala Muslims (Mappilas) to Karachi took place after the Malabar/Mappila (Moplah) Rebellion of 1921. Another wave of migration happened just before and after Partition, as individuals and families moved in search of better prospects.