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Man masterfully mimics Lalu Prasad Yadav to talk about Patna flood situation, Internet loves it

The Patna resident admitted that he is an aspiring actor and was glad that the video went viral. He is hoping that this fame will help him in his acting career.

How a Delhi software engineer helped 32 Kashmiri girls in Pune return home safely

One software engineer from Delhi went out of his way to ensure that 32 girls from Jammu and Kashmir who were stranded in Pune were able to get back home safely.

Pune to host TikTok film festival, here’s how netizens reacted

The registration for the film festival is underway and invites entry from categories like best in Comedy, best in Prank and even social awareness and environmental issues.

Woman shares traumatising experience in Bengaluru cab, Uber revokes driver’s access to app

Responding to the incident, Uber has permanently removed the driver's access to the app. The woman has accused the taxi-hailing app of not doing enough to address her concerns.

Fuljar Soda fad froths up across Kerala, from cool bars to social media handles

The method of having the drink has caught more attention than the beverage itself. Due to its popularity, various other regional variations like orange, grape, strawberry, pineapple and watermelon are also in demand.