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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Manvendra Singh


The writer is a former MP from Rajasthan

Goodbye to all that
Thu, May 13, 1999

Doctor Sahab awoke on a bedsheet drenched in sweat. It wasn't just the fact that it was four in the afternoon, or that Karachi was experi...

Kosovo defies history and strategy
Tue, May 04, 1999

The televised blitz unleashed by the United Stated led-North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NA-TO) over the lands of the southern Slavs de...

Rajiv to Arun — Stomach cramps (over Bofors) serve no purpose
Sun, May 02, 1999

NEW DELHI, May 1: Boarding-school friends squabbling over prestige and ``stomach cramps.'' It was the most mysterious fallout amongst fri...

Pakistan’s missiles may not be Pakistani
Wed, Apr 21, 1999

NEW DELHI, APRIL 20: Squabbling scientists, tit-for-tat tests, competing laboratories, and missiles changing names has exposed Pakistan's...

`Internal’ tribunal for disgruntled defence personnel mooted
Thu, Apr 15, 1999

NEW DELHI, April 14: Disgruntled Army, Navy and Air Force personnel may no longer have to go to a court of law in search of justice. The ...

Agni-II adds fire power to N-deterrence
Mon, Apr 12, 1999

NEW DELHI, APRIL 11: India moved a step forward in ensuring the delivery of its 11-month-old nuclear deterrent when the Agni-II Intermedi...

USI in a flap over Jaya’s visit
Wed, Apr 07, 1999

NEW DELHI, APRIL 6: A disquiet has descended upon the prestigious United Services Institution (USI) with the feeling that the solicited v...

Recovering from Bhagwat
Tue, Apr 06, 1999

A distressing feature of the petition is that highly sensitive documents/statements pertaining to performance of different types of equip...

Paying for peace
Mon, Mar 29, 1999

Opinions are now accepted without an armed intervention in favour of one argument against the other,' was how a religious leader from Tyr...

Traces of a lost war
Sun, Mar 28, 1999

BEIRUT, MAR 27: ``Destroyed houses can be repaired, dead people are buried, but kidnapped people, what can you do'', asked a woman who ha...

Govt decision on T-90 tanks irks Gowda
Tue, Mar 16, 1999

NEW DELHI, MARCH 15: The `humble farmer' turned into a tank commander and technologist over a luncheon meeting with select journalists at...

South Block picks holes in military’s proposal on MoD
Fri, Mar 12, 1999

NEW DELHI, MARCH 11: As the restructuring of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) enters the final, proposal-whetting phase, bureaucrats in Sout...

When a soldier meets a sailor
Tue, Mar 09, 1999

TWO bottles of rum; that was what it took Hav Ram Avtar to make his way into the train compartment at Jammu, not the rail warrant issued ...

Admiral Harinder gets DCNS post
Sun, Mar 07, 1999

NEW DELHI, MARCH 6: Constrained by legal advice, Naval Headquarters has finally been moved to appoint controversial Vice Admiral Harinder...

Agni IRBM to be test fired soon
Thu, Mar 04, 1999

NEW DELHI, MARCH 3: India's flip-flop over the Agni Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) programme finally comes to an end with fl...

MoD gets 11% hike in budget
Mon, Mar 01, 1999

NEW DELHI, Feb 28: In the country's first post-Pokharan Budget, the allocation for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been increased by 11...

The guns fell silent when PM was in Pak
Sat, Feb 27, 1999

NEW DELHI, FEB 26: As Sada-e-Sarhad rolled over the Radcliffe Line at the Wagha/Attari border last Saturday, carrying the Prime Minister,...

MoD women fare better than men at Siachen
Mon, Feb 22, 1999

NEW DELHI, Feb 21: Women officials in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) are tougher than their male colleagues. So it seems from the MoD's ef...

Between memories and morale
Tue, Jan 12, 1999

Khanabal transit camp is not the most pleasant place to begin the new year. But Havildar Ram Avtar had no option. He had been sanctioned ...

Budget constraints push Army to begin restructuring exercise
Fri, Jan 08, 1999

NEW DELHI, JAN 7: Exigencies imposed by budgetary constraints and the secure shadow of a credible nuclear deterrent have compelled the Ar...

Govt shot messenger but message must be read
Fri, Jan 01, 1999

NEW DELHI, DEC 31: Spring cleaning has come early to the Defence Ministry as it begins 1999 with new service chiefs at the Air Force and ...

Ministry’s PR with Army: babu shunted
Thu, Dec 31, 1998

NEW DELHI, DEC 30: In an attempt to correct the impression that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) was deliberately interfering and stalling A...

Govt sacks Navy chief, wife says it’s communal
Thu, Dec 31, 1998

NEW DELHI, Dec 30: Ground Zero on a cold afternoon was over the eastern end of South Block as the Government dismissed Chief of Naval Sta...

Zia and South Block
Mon, Dec 28, 1998

Jalandhar gave this world Zia ul-Haq. The late general, chief martial law administrator and president of Pakistan has left behind a legac...

Army networks for future of combat
Mon, Dec 28, 1998

NEW DELHI, Dec 27: On the power of the fibre optic cable, the Army is riding into a future that is going to be networked from the South B...