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Songs of dissent: Why protest music is becoming a rage this election season

As protest music takes an urban and political turn, the voices of dissent fear for their lives and wear a badge of bravery.

Mother’s Day 2019: Meet the YouTube moms who have perfected the art of maintaining a work-life balance

This Mothers Day, take a look at how YouTube has become a popular medium for many moms to earn money while looking after their child.

Why on Instagram Modi, Rahul share a softer side of their political lives

Instagram is a different strategy for most top politicians. Here politics and campaigning take a backseat as the focus is clearly on relatability, compassion and humility. And this is clearly in contrast to the in-your-face rhetoric on Twitter or Facebook.

Beyond Gully Boy, Delhi’s underground rappers are jamming their way to stardom

Just like DIVINE and Naezy in Mumbai, the inspiration behind Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy, these underground rappers are very excited about the movie. "The real hip-hop artistes will get recognition," they believe.  

From small-town teens to celebs, it’s the hour of TikTok

With India heading into what can be called its first digital election, TikTok is another social media platform offering eyeballs. TikTok officials at the China headquarters refused to come on record regarding their India plans.

Sound and Fury: The voices creating aggressive Hindutva’s soundtrack

The phenomenon that stridently highlights that “Hinduism is under siege”, ironically, surfaces around the time the BJP comes to power with a massive mandate in 2014.  

TikTok, Podcasts and YouTube: How the newcomer, the perpetual wannabe and the incumbent fared in 2018

Though YouTube remains the most popular network for content creation and consumption, podcasts and other video creating applications have also blossomed. Let's take a look at the biggest trends and the most popular digital spaces of 2018.

As Podcasts vie for ear space, these pioneers hope to change what we hear

Google counts India in the top five countries for Google Podcasts adoption.

When brushes and colours heal: Art therapy helps paint a new canvas for many

For people who struggle to express themselves in words, art therapy is a powerful means of communication and can help in healing any mental health issue.

Now you can make your own face creams and customise the shampoo you use

These Indian companies allow you to make your own beauty products and are mindful of your lifestyle, skin type and goals. Would you like to customise the cosmetic products you use?

Love Matters: Beyond sexual fantasies and myths, turning a new page for honest sex education

Sex has always been a subject of curiosity, but instead of coherent sex-education, we get to know about it only via pornography or taboo stories. Not anymore.

As slam poetry finds favour among millennials, someone reminds us of Kabir’s verse

Is slam poetry really a new form of poetry or did it always exist in the form of Kavi Sammelan, Mushaira, and even Kabir's verses in India?

How a student from Naxalite area got Google-Udacity scholarship, wants to make education accessible for all

Coming from Gadchiroli, a small Naxalite prone district in Maharashtra, 27-year-old Swapnil Sanjay Bangare wishes to start a website and his own company in future.

Survivors of Suicide: Voices that remind us why mental health issues cannot be brushed under carpet

Directed by Richa Bajaj, Survivors of Suicide is a documentary web series that brings forth real-life stories of people who braved the prejudices that plague our society when it comes to mental illnesses and suicide.

Coworking spaces spawn a new generation of workers and a new style of working

The coworking movement reached India almost five years ago and has only grown since. From being cost-effective to its vibe, there's a lot that attracts people to coworking spaces.

Meet Prajakta Koli and everything insane that makes her ‘mostly sane’

Prajakta Koli, popularly known as 'Mostly Sane' quit her dream and became a YouTuber. Here's a sneak peek of her crazy journey and life.

Here are the Indian YouTube stars you should definitely know about

Ashish Chanchlani, Rickshawali, Dino James and more - Meet the rising Indian YouTube stars as they give tips to the upcoming vloggers, describing their journey and struggles.  

Not just Section 377, the law isn’t straight for a queer person in India

As the SC hears the petition against Section 377, there are certain issues that remain unanswered for a queer person. 'The Law isn't Straight: A Queer Person's Guide to Accessing Rights' is an attempt to help queer people navigate through their daily lives.

Meet the designer who made Superman and Wonder Woman swap looks

In her latest project, ‘Sexism in Comic Book ART’, 21-year-old Shreya Arora flips the narrative and makes men pose like women on superhero comic covers to show how absurd it looks.

Move over YouTube, is the latest fad for upcoming vloggers

Future vloggers are exploring new mediums like to increase their following base.