Manraj Grewal Sharma

She is the Resident Editor, Chandigarh newsroom.

Articles By Manraj Grewal Sharma

Army chief during Kargil defines role: CDS advisor to Cabinet

The idea of a CDS was mooted in the aftermath of the Kargil war. An expert committee headed by strategic affairs expert K Subrahmanyam had recommended several structural reforms for the defence establishment.

America calling

In a bid to reach America, many roads from Mexico region — referred to as “donkey routes” colloquially — end up here. The US has announced nationwide raids to round up illegal immigrants starting today

Deol’s ‘double’

Gurpreet Singh Palheri, the simple boy from a small Punjab village who wrote his way to Bollywood, is used to life not sticking to script. But no turn has been as bewildering for his village and family as the fuss over Gurdaspur MP Sunny Deol appointing him as his ‘representative’

Explained: The enduring legacy of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab

Ranjit Singh overthrew the warring Misls and established a unified Sikh empire after he conquered Lahore in 1799.

Amarinder Singh interview: ‘Every missile has a camera… why are you not showing this?’

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh spoke with The Indian Express on the elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his “claim” that the Balakot strikes are “his personal success”, and the state of affairs in Punjab.

Punjab: At ground zero, a hard earned peace, unease over politicking

This week, Sikh outfits carried out a “rosh march” from Bargari to Badal village, calling for action against the Badals on the issue of desecration, but villagers from here stayed away. Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh also often raises this issue to flog the Akali Dal.

On the campaign trail Hardeep Singh Puri: With late-night meetings, handshakes, minister makes up for lost time

It’s almost midnight and the city appears fast asleep by the time he steps out, but the minister has yet another meeting at a hotel with a group of professionals. “It’s just another 5am-to-1am poll day,’’ he shrugs.

Captain shoots from the hip, PM Modi is his target

Once known for his warm vibes with Modi — soon after the Assembly elections in 2017, he had gone on record to say that the PM was “cooperative” — Capt Amarinder Singh’s poll pitch now focuses largely on Modi, besides incidents of ‘sacrilege’ under the previous Akali Dal government.

Think of who loves you: Badal Sr, 91, bats for PM Modi

The patriarch of India’s second oldest party is back in his element, stirring up crowds and seeking votes. But this time, he is seeking votes for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It’s Modi first, the party later.