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Saturday, September 18, 2021

M. Vijayabaskar


The writer is associate professor, Madras Institute of Development Studies.

The challenges before the Dravidian model of development
Mon, Jun 14, 2021

The Tamil Nadu model delivers growth with equity, but is under threat from increasing centralisation of powers in the Union government and erosion of policy autonomy

The raging bulls
Mon, Jan 30, 2017

Jallikattu ban gave a reason to the young to express their anger. But the cause of discontent may lie in the crisis gathering in rural Tamil Nadu — of falling farm incomes, rising costs of education, lack of jobs.

Mother politics
Wed, Dec 07, 2016

Jayalalithaa’s popularity owed to a welfare model in which the state replaced the male breadwinner.

Tamil Nadu polls: Welfare, freebies, prohibition
Wed, May 11, 2016

Promised by parties in this election, prohibition may create new opportunities in Tamil Nadu — of a new economy of resource mobilisation, a new politics of distribution.