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Angel investors lapping up unsold inventory

Developers are seeking to liquidate holdings by selling finished units in bulk to private equity investors.

Budget proposals: Leg up for affordable housing

The government and RBI have liberalised financing for sector, but hurdles remain on path from banks to buyer.

Time for a quality check

While there are rules for building design, there is none to check if the construction quality matches with those designs.

Affordable housing starts with faster approvals

The government’s vision of ‘housing for all’ can be realised if policies ensure supply of homes at affordable price points and states enabling a mechanism of single-window clearances.

For the tech-savvy, home buying now begins online

Property portals have taken the lead as the first port of call for property purchase decisions.

Home buying now begins online

While developers gear up to meet today’s tech-savvy home buyer on the internet, it is property portals that have taken the lead as the first port of call for purchase decisions.

Premium Realty Floods Delhi Market

With exorbitant land prices and no new land tracts being opened up, the only supply entering the residential market are redeveloped apartments called builder floors that carry a high price tag.

On social progress, India worst in BRICS, US among developed peers

India at 102 position trails Brazil which scores best among the group with a rank of 46 reflecting the most “balanced” social progress

On social progress, India worst in BRICS, US among developed peers

Interestingly Cuba at 79th position is way behind Saudi Arabia at 65.

How to protect your property investments

In absence of a regulator, buyers have to be prepared to do what it takes to protect their investments.

Buyers need a new skill: Due diligence

The Allahabad High Court order in the Supertech case shows that local authorities are not effective at protecting the rights of home buyers.

Real estate: Bricks,mortar and a billion bytes in between

From managing project timelines to a 3D walkthrough,IT is involved at every step in real estate industry.

Real estate: Delivery delayed,resale looks better

Home buyers looking to settle in their dream home this year,have to wait longer.

Indian Ocean Rim nations commit to freer trade

Commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma on Friday termed as “path breaking” the meeting of trade ministers of the Indian Ocean Rim Association

IOR to have significant role in global economic realignment: Sharma

The economic shift towards Asia-Pacific region is here to stay,said commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma,as a result of which

More power to the home buyer

The real estate regulation bill to be introduced in Parliament envisages a strict regime that aims at protecting the buyer. Express Estates takes a detailed look at the legislation and its key provisions

How realty will be regulated

The cabinet has approved the Real Estate Regulatory Bill for introduction in Parliament. L RAMAKRISHNAN explains what the law once enacted will mean to the home buyer

‘Our products will enable early home ownership with a lower down payment’

The India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation (IMGC) is a first-of-a kind entity set up in the country

Seeing the Unseen

Why,despite our best intentions,we continue to hold on to prejudice and biases

Big Little Matter

Imagine your house equipped with a smart window — one that will allow only light and not heat to enter in the blazing summer months.