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Lasalgaon onion market, Maharashtra: Support for ‘Modi’s Balakot strike’, anger over low prices

Between 20,000 to 35,000 tonnes of onions are traded at the market daily. Farmers, however, complain that they have no say in it.

SC hearing on Friday, EC watches Modi biopic, reiterates stand: Defer its release

The EC is learnt to have deliberated on the inputs of the committee and decided that its view to delay the biopic’s release remains valid.

Echoes in South Gujarat: Congress must ‘connect’

The Congress drew a blank in Gujarat in 2014. This time, the party is looking to wrest a few seats from the BJP, especially in rural regions of southern Gujarat.

Campus talk in Modi bastion: Jobs trump votes

Several students said that if they are not placed, they will pursue higher studies, join the family business or apply for bank jobs and other government jobs.

Recalling the 2004 SC order that Election Commission invoked in NaMo TV case

NaMo TV is available on all major DTH platforms, and is classified as a “platform service” paid for by the BJP. Despite the silence period having kicked in, the channel was available in several states on the eve of the April 18 vote.

Why Election Commission frowned on DD coverage: BJP got 160 hours in a month, Congress 80

The matter of DD News and its coverage of the Lok Sabha elections was first raised by the Congress in a memorandum to the EC on April 1. The Congress had alleged that DD News was giving preferential treatment to the BJP.

Prasar Bharati to set up panel to ensure Model Code of Conduct is followed

Prasar Bharati has decided to take several steps to ensure that the model code of conduct is adhered to in its programming.

Electoral Bonds Scheme: key objections vs government’s arguments

The Finance Bill, 2017 introduced “electoral bonds” — interest-free bearer bonds (like Promissory Notes) that can be purchased from specified branches of the State Bank of India in a designated 10-day window in every quarter of the financial year.

NaMo TV beams political content as pre-poll silence kicks in

According to sources, the EC has decided to add expenses incurred on advertising on NaMo TV to BJP’s expenditure account for Lok Sabha elections.

Government floats draft Bill to directly appoint DGs of DD, AIR; pulls it down

On April 1, the I&B Ministry circulated the draft Bill to remove the provision to establish a recruitment board, and give powers to appoint the Directors General of Doordarshan and All India Radio directly to the Union government.

Explained: NaMo TV and the laws for DTH channels

The channel is dedicated to speeches of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On NaMo TV, the Prime Minister is everywhere, always on air

The origins of NaMo TV are shrouded in secrecy, and it appears to live in the cracks between the laws governing television channels in the country. But NaMo TV seems to be clear about what it stands for.

Congress, AAP complain to Election Commission against NaMo TV

Since the channel is not mentioned in the I&B Ministry's list of permitted private satellite channels, Congress told the EC that either “the channel “Content TV” is being broadcast as a government-sponsored channel” or it has “not got any official clearance” from the I&B Ministry.

Nothing to do with BJP, Modi biopic producers reply to EC

In his reply to the EC, Hitesh Jain on behalf of the film’s producers said the biopic was 'produced by our clients and not any political candidates'.

Lok Sabha polls: 45 names still to go, BJP has dropped half its winning SC/ST MPs from last time

The party has undertaken a massive pruning of its candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Behind Opposition’s sting video: London firm, Romanian director, and one Catherine

The Opposition released a sting video showing an alleged BJP functionary purportedly exchanging scrapped notes after demonetisation on a commission of 40 per cent.

Only PM Modi can ensure nation’s security: Amit Shah

He said when the terrorists struck in Uri, they thought “Mauni Baba Manmohan” was still the Prime Minister, but Modi conducted surgical strikes and “ghar mein ghuss kar aatantvadiyon ka safaya kar diya (wiped out the terrorists in their own house).”

Press groups slam OSA threat by Govt, Jaitley flags national security

At a briefing Thursday on Cabinet decisions, Jaitley said “it’s obvious” that “notings” of files of the Ministry of Defence, which are “sensitive interest to this country have been leaked out”.

Revulsion against Congress in country, says Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley said the government has “repeatedly made its position clear” on the issue. “The Supreme Court has spoken on it,” he said, and with the new petition in the apex court, “the petitioners are taking one more chance”.

Ordinance on teacher quota among 30 proposals cleared by Cabinet

The Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Teachers’ Cadre) Ordinance, 2019 will provide for reservation considering the university or college as one unit, instead of treating the department or subject as one unit.