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Karnataka on boil: 2 MLAs withdraw support, Kumaraswamy says no threat to his govt

The withdrawal of support is unlikely to destabilise the Congress-JDS alliance unless at least 11 MLAs from the ruling combine resign as well to reduce the coalition to a minority government.

Volkswagen scandal comes to India, NGT expert panel recommends Rs 171-crore fine as health cost

The NGT panel was formed in the wake of the 2015 global emission scandal or ‘Dieselgate’ when the company was found guilty of intentionally programming its diesel engines with cheat devices to meet US regulatory standards but actually emit up to 40 times more Nitrous Oxides (NOx) in real-world conditions.

Indra Sawhney 2.0: Says may go to SC against 10 per cent quota, violates basic equality rights

Sawhney also noted that the decision to reserve 10 per cent for EWS among the general category is not backed by any data and said it is also in conflict with the 2006 Supreme Court judgment on reservation in promotions.

10% quota for EWS: Passes equality test but forward classes gain, says Justice Sawant

Speaking to The Sunday Express, Justice Sawant also raised concern that the benefit of EWS reservation, in practice, could go to the “forward classes”.

Simply Put: The Amendment procedure

Debate on the 10% ‘forward quota’ Bill saw arguments on the amendment procedure, including whether the Bill should be ratified by state Assemblies, and questions related to aided and unaided institutions.

50% cap was put to check poll misuse: Justice Ahmadi of Mandal verdict

Speaking to The Indian Express, Justice Ahmadi also said that the apex court’s 50 per cent ceiling was to ensure that “reservations are not introduced, and the limit increased, only for election purposes”.

#ImplantFiles: Govt’s new council on medical devices will tackle patient safety and pricing

The council was set up on December 7, days after The Indian Express published the Implant Files, a series of investigative reports on the big, medical bazaar where devices are advertised, sold, and surgically implanted across the world under regulatory systems riddled with holes.

Explained: Mandir demand and the law

VHP, RSS have demanded legislation to allow building Ram temple in Ayodhya. If the govt attempts this, what steps can it take? Can the Supreme Court then intervene? What the law says, and some precedents

Anti-Sikh riots: Eyewitness testimonies named Kamal Nath, Nanavati panel said not possible to indict him

In his affidavit, Kamal Nath stated that on the afternoon of November 1, 1984 he received information about "some violence" around the gurudwara, and as a "senior and responsible leader" of the Congress he decided to go there.

Rafale deal verdict: SC raises bar for review of defence contracts

This verdict may shape future cases on issues involving defence procurement. The bench cited previous judicial pronouncements of the Supreme Court on the issue of judicial review of administrative decisions regarding award of tenders and contracts.

An ICIJ-Express investigation: J&J advertised their surgeries ‘live’, then it all went wrong

In India, The Sunday Express found, the recall left behind a number of patients who went under the scalpel at these live surgeries — and now regret every moment under the spotlight.

#ImplantFiles: Pharma majors gave freebies to doctors, claimed tax benefits

Records show that in the absence of an effective regulatory code, the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) ruled in favour of the companies

Johnson & Johnson pushed another ‘faulty’ hip implant in India, faces music in US, not here

What slipped under the radar is a story of how Johnson & Johnson used a loophole in US laws to push into the Indian market without any clinical trials in the country, an investigation by The Indian Express has found.

#ImplantFiles: In US, ortho major forced to admit it was corrupting doctors and hospitals in India

Stryker India has four offices in the country -- Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata -- and an annual turnover of Rs 300 crore in FY 2017-18, mainly from selling hip and knee implants, and medical devices for spine and neuro surgeries.

#ImplantFiles: On US blacklist, in India they are in the grey zone

At least 57 medical devices, many used in critical care, were being sold in India when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clamped down on them for a range of faults over the last two years.

#ImplantFiles – Cardiac giant hooked doctors with freebies and patients with loans

In 2010, Medtronic launched Healthy Heart for All, its goal was to do good and to do well: sell pacemakers and cardiac stents to people below the poverty line, offer them loans if they couldn't pay and make what regulators called 'a massive profit'.

Implant Files | 9 am, Room No. 7, AIIMS – 2 out of 10 here have had an implant gone wrong

From clinics in small towns to hospitals in big cities, victims of botched surgeries make a beeline to this OPD for a second shot.

#ImplantFiles – Big medical device bazaar: Faulty implants, basement surgeries, lives at risk

The Indian Express joined around 100 other reporters from 36 countries for an ICIJ meeting in Washington DC to plan the most exhaustive health investigation ever mounted.

CBI chief: Mallikarjun Kharge goes to SC on govt move, Congress split on petition

Talking to The Sunday Express, Kharge said he has filed a “separate petition” saying that the “Government’s decision was in violation of the law” and The Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946.

BCCI to Goa mining: Judge to monitor CVC probe adjudicated on key issues

Retired Supreme Court judge Justice A K Patnaik has been appointed by the SC to supervise the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) probe against CBI Director Alok Verma.