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Explained: The battle over H-1B and H-4 visas

The Trump administration has visibly ramped up H-1B denials, under the executive order “Buy American and Hire American”. H-4 visas have also been issued at a much lower rate.

RSS chief Bhagwat welcomes Ayodhya verdict, says Sangh’s role over, up to govt now

During negotiations on the disputed land, Hindu groups have always maintained that if Muslims were to be given land for building a mosque, it should be out of the “cultural boundary of Ayodhya”.

Ayodhya verdict: 37 held in UP, online posts taken down

The day of the verdict also resulted in the most Internet shutdowns ordered on one day in the past year.

Govindacharya’s plea against WhatsApp rides his long list of cases against foreign tech firms

The swadeshi activist has also urged the top court to direct the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to take up the probe.

Gulshan Rai: ‘Govt is trying its best to protect but WhatsApp should’ve stopped the breach’

The government tries its best to enforce that foreign companies should follow the law of India. I am sure the government will also address further concerns in the pending Data Protection Act and the IT Ministry's intermediary rules, said Gulshan Rai.

WhatsApp privacy breach puts focus on govt’s digital security agencies

Going by the surprise expressed by the government over the targeting of Indian users, it appears that the notifications did not attract desired attention through the appropriate ranks.

Besides May alert, WhatsApp sent another in September on 121 Indians breached

On Saturday, IT Ministry officials again said they were upset that WhatsApp had not brought up the issue of privacy breach during high-level meetings earlier this year.

Govt says not alerted on breach, WhatsApp says it did — in May

The conflicting claims provide no clarity on the the privacy breach sequence and the nature of notifications between government authorities and WhatsApp.

Govt seeks privacy breach explanation, WhatsApp says it is taking action

The Ministry of Home Affairs, in a statement, said “attempts to malign the Government of India for the reported breach are completely misleading”.

Kudankulam nuclear plant denies hacking of its control system, officials say audit found breach

A third-party multinational IT company discovered the attack in early September and alerted the National Cyber Security Council (NCSC).

Govt not asking for decrypted data: IT dept official

According to this official, no further consultations will take place on proposed amendments to rules under Section 79 of IT Act, unless required by Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Explained: How to tax tech giants profiting from ‘away’

In essence, the proposal, called “Unified Approach”, is to shift the standard of taxation from physical presence to sales in a particular market. That is, the companies will have to pay more taxes in the markets in which they sell more.

BharatNet: Challenges on web highway

While Phase I of the BharatNet project is over, Phase II, which is currently underway, aims to provide connectivity to remote locations such as J&K, Northeast, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Inside India’s algorithm-driven biryani industry worth crores

It’s the most ordered dish online in the country. Indians, it seems, can’t have enough of biryani. But what does mass production mean for a dish known for its slow cooking and its subtle regional variations?

Digital consultants back BJP’s election campaign in Haryana, Maharashtra

Pro-BJP Facebook pages that are not labelled as owned by the party are heavily outspending official party pages, according to the platform’s advertising portal.

To push digital, official proposes mandatory QR code for merchants

“We need interoperable QRs in every place. I seriously feel that if you are big turnover person, you have to mandatorily provide a digital payment option,” Joint Secretary Gopalakrishnan S said at the Data Security Council of India summit in Delhi.

India, Pakistan among 7 nations with state actors active online for propaganda: Study

In India, cyber troop activity was found in two instances by a political party or politicians, three or more instances by a private contractor, on one instance by civil society organisation, and one by citizens and influencers.

Mika Johnson experiments with VR storytelling in ‘Kafkaesque’ project

Filmmaker Mika Johnson on storytelling through virtual reality and giving the term ‘Kafkaesque’ another dimension.

Explained: The National Population Register, and the controversy around it

Government has revived National Population Register project at a time when National Register of Citizens has been published in Assam. How are the two different? What kind of data will be collected, and why?

Amit Shah floats single multipurpose ID card idea, 2021 Census will be digital

Stating the entire exercise will cost Rs 12,000 crore, Shah, speaking to the room of census officers, flagged the role of the census in the “scientific planning and development of the nation”.