Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

The writer is director, Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad.

Articles By Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

A New Cast

By elevating D Raja to the post of general secretary, CPI makes history.

If caste is about experience, PM Modi has never spoken about discrimination he faced on account of his birth

A section of the OBCs who were outside the fold of the BJP, voted for the party in 2014. But within a short time, the forces that matter in the RSS/BJP started opposing OBC reservation. The PM did not object even once to their negation of OBC reservation.

Main nahin chowkidar

BJP slogan gets it so wrong. No self-respecting chowkidar would like to be in that job in India

Two patriarchies

India’s right wing is quick to condemn Talibani patriarchy. But they outrage over the calling out of Brahminical patriarchy

My books, my truths

My work reflects the lived realities of marginalised communities. A methodology that depends on secondary data cannot do justice to first-hand knowledge

Notes from the CPM congress

A politics based on democratic welfarism could offer a political alternative. The Bahujan Left Front in Telangana comprising communists and Ambedkarites may show the way.

Exception makes the rule

Apex court verdict will make the SC/ST Atrocities Act toothless, roll back social transformation

To Be or Not to Be

In Hinduism, the right to spiritual equality is restricted. In glossing over the fact in his new book, Shashi Tharoor is playing into the hands of the proponents of Hindutva 

Revolutionary Road

In her debut book, Sujatha Gidla tells the story of her uncle, KG Satyamurthy, co-founder of People’s War Group, and the struggle of a poverty-stricken Dalit family as they negotiated caste

A call to left-liberals

Their silence on questions of caste could make them complicit in oppression of Dalit-Bahujan

The war over values

Western tensions about migration show deep anxiety about core beliefs, including democracy

Backsliding on caste

The Congress’s Brahmin mobilisation in Uttar Pradesh is a retrograde turn in its politics.

Cow democracy: How protection of cow has come to mean oppression of Dalits

In the present mood, one can go to the TV debate, even critique Narendra Modi but not gau mata. If one does that, he/she may come out with his/her skin peeled.

A Kautilya in the BJP

Why Subramanian Swamy’s real target is not Raghuram Rajan or Arvind Subramanian.